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    Quote Originally Posted by McRoth View Post
    I would like to have an App for hiking or off-roading that would track your route on either Google Maps or a 3D type of map.

    Check out Fit Track in the Homebrew section
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    This is an automotive one...How about a Pocket DYno....i downloaded an app to my sons IPOD Touch that uses the accelerometer to measure a vehicles performance ie 0-60mph times, 60' times, 1/4 mile times, g force, etc. Its truly awesome and I would pay for it without a doubt..I believe any Pre owner with any type of perfromance car would.
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    So, i dont want people standing over my shoulder watching as i open the ppictures on my phone, and they see the naked ones of my girlfriend.

    IPhone had an app, that you could ebter a code in the calculator, that would open a secret partition on the phone, thus hiding personal content.

    That would be awesome.....
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    mobile street racing but connected to myspace! Instead of facebook. That would be amazing
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    Some sort of autoanswer when headset is connected after n number of rings would be great. I'm a biker and want to hook my pre into my autocom system so this helps a lot

    A good IM client supporting MSN would be good too
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    Quote Originally Posted by nthimage View Post
    Check out Fit Track in the Homebrew section
    The issue with Fit Track is that you have to email the info to yourself and then create a gpx file before you can view your route.

    MyTracks, one of the Android apps, is able to track your route (and other things, such as speed, etc.) and when you're done, you can instantly view your route on your phone through Google Maps.

    I'd really like to be able to save and view my routes on my Pre, rather than having to have it emailed to myself and viewed on my computer.

    Another issue with Fit Track ~ when I'm done with my ride, I want to email the info to my email, but the email app seems not to work. Either too much memory is being used or not enough signal...?
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    an app to control tweaks
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    an app to control alert message and system volume seperatly.
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    a KeePass that uses the same database format as the desktop... right now I share tween my windows and linux boxes, keeping the DB in sync with Dropbox. If there was a way to mesh with that... or least sync.

    Oh, and a dropbox app would be nice.
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    Want voice activation/dialing for the Pre. That new iphone satellite (orbit based on your gps location) locator app would be cool. Finish the video recorder app. a couple of real games that are 3D. THat my wish list for Christmas
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    a patch that allows to hide this stupid alarm symbol under the quick launch bar when the alarm is activated (which it is because i have to wake up every day in the week, so it's displayed the whole time.....arghhhh....
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    Dear Santa,

    All I want for my pre is a music ID app... I wont ask for anything else... If you have heard of midomi for the I phone please make it similar... Heck you can humm a song off key and it still finds it... I need this!!

    Thank you!
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    watch this video and u will want it too... NSFW language.

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    app to be able to move files from one folder to another. like move ringtones to music file and back. also pictures from photos to wallpapers or downloads to photoroll stuff like that. unless you can already do that and i just dont know how?
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    How about a crossword puzzle app....this would be great
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    anyone want to make me a drip rate app? Basically a metranome capable of 5 beats/min up to 30000 beats/min. Another is a drug dosage app for all the acls/cpr/paramedic drugs according to kg of a patient. Contact me @ my username with gmail
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    Sunrise/sunset application with other info such as civil twilight, nautical twilight, and moon rise/set with phases. It's a shame that weather apps don't provide this information.

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    I don't know if it's possible, but some way to pick up on your GPS and listen to nearby Police and Fire scanners. It would be cool to see a whole bunch of police cars go flying by, open this app and find out what's going on.
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    can we please get at least one scoreboard app that covers all sports not just one and does not cost more than .99 cents. This is a joke iphone has over a hundred which 90% are free or .99 cents. I mean come on an app that only covers college sports and costs $4.99 are you smoking crack!!! or an app that only covers baseball???????
    Please I will just stick to leaving espn running all day and deal with the battery drain and waste of data.
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    I would love an app for &

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