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    Stock Ticker - so I can stay up to date on my favorite stocks.

    Sound Recorder - I know its lame but sometimes handy.

    an app that allows me to show other things in the background besides just a stationary background.

    change ringer to allow Vibrate Then Ring like my Mogul had. Loved that advanced warning before the sucker started ringing during a meeting.
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    oh please Skype IM at least, if Voip isn't possible for now.
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    Id like to see a starmap which recognizes my location and shows the nightsky overhead. That will be a really cool app

    Another app that id like to see is a tokbox client ..
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    Please add Project Tracker to the OP.

    Those of use that are in the Construction Industry Could use a program that has a gant chart used for tracking Projects and their deadlines.

    Something like Microsoft Project or Milestone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jan3361 View Post
    imeem for the pre
    yes I agree.....if you look @ my thread "we really need these apps!!!!!" I did say that imeem radio would be cool......hope someone makes this app can get this app for iphone
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    Would really like to see Sprint Navigation as an option to goto in the Universal Search instead of just Google Maps. When I just start to type an address, it can search with Google Maps, but I'd like the ability to have turn-by-turn directions like in the Sprint Navigation too without actually opening that program first!
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    I would like to see a ringtone editor so you can edit your music to have just certain sections of the music that work great for ringtones.
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    I would love to see my facebook Inbox integrated with my e-mail
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmw1831 View Post
    I would like to see an app that allows you to take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen at the current time and save it into photos. I have seen it on the ipod touch and it would have come in very helpful in a situation i had on my pre.
    Already done; press orange button + Shift button + P button. Copies to screen captures folder. Do what you will after that.

    If I misunderstood your desire, I apologize.
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    The caller spoof app!
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    My wife has very bad reception at her work. There is enough sprint signal that the phone does not switch to roam. (Verizon has a good signal at her work location.) It would be very useful if an app could switch the phone to roam based on a time schedule, or based on a GPS location.

    The same would be useful for enabling wifi based on GPS location.
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    Sports score app....
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    video player for multiple formats like dvix and staff like that
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    the app that I would like the most is an NBA live games app like the iphones MLB at bat, I would pay $50 for an app like this, and also bejeweled 2, I can play that game for hours on my ipod w/o getting tired of it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by almostam View Post
    The caller spoof app!

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    auto-sort apps in launcher, by frequency of use, alphabetically, time/date downloaded, any other useful sorting options.
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    I would like to have an app that creates a virtual "turn screen off" button. My power button on my original pre broke and my new one is already getting weak. I like to keep my screen default on time at 60 seconds, but I would like another option to turn off the screen without using the physical power button.
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    i wish they had a Pre version that would do basically what the Top Area Codes program does

    I had this on my Centro and i loved how it displayed the city and state of the number calling can even have it show the state on a map. Very useful (not the state map part), but I am not seeing it on the wish list anywhere
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    Is it just me, or is there no good app for taking notes on the Pre?

    I tried Evernote, and I lost a couple of notes that didn't save properly. The "Memos" app works great for a post-it note type app, but as a student, I would love to see an app that is more like a text editor. Preferably this app would have the ability to sync with a computer somehow, or export as text files for viewing on a computer, but that is more of a luxury. Searching abilities would be nice too...
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    I Am T-Pain app

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