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    In this order

    -Facebook App (view comments, reply to status updates, like, photos etc.)
    -Flickr App
    -Kindle App
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    Hi, when I'm in a meeting I usually turn the ringer off but oftentimes I forget to turn it back on, and so I miss calls. I'd like a timer app that would turn off the ringer and set vibrate for a specified time.
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    I need a blacklist app that has a list of black listed numbers I can add from my recent calls list, and then when those numbers call again the app automatically picks up and hangs up so i don't get voice mail or anything. I have been getting to many telemarketer calls!
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    If anyone had verizon service....remember the vcast music can put it up to a speaker and then it'll analyze the music DNA and let you know the artist/song/album. That would be really sweeeeeeeeeettt!! especially when your listening to a song that you don't would be a nice application for webOS...i can see it now. If any developers are in the same boat as I>
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    sprint used to have a program that would tell you how close you were to your limit. Its was too inacurate to be useful but maybe something newer can be made. Easy to see limit, min used, which kid is using up all the minutes, maybe a warning you're about to go over, usage history, pay bills, check/change plans, etc etc.... I think it would be useful :-)
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    I wud really like 2 see a lock screen app that lets you choose which app you want 2 lock for ex: text messages,emails,contacts,memos ect....
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    How about an NCAA College Sports (Football) internet streamer? I have a great site as the source, but you can't play the radio broadcast streams with the Pre.

    FreeFootballRadio-Your source for free internet football game broadcasts
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    i think we need that rock band moblie. because i love my rock band
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    I like the idea of the bluetooth app. But what really would be nice is if someone could make it so you can send pictures to a bluetooth printer or data to another bluetooth enabled device. The webos software does not allow sending of data over bluetooth. My old Moto Q could do this easily.
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    an app for tracking billable hours, by client or job, would be all star.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cajunlibra View Post
    How does that differ from the screenshots that we can take now? Other than the 3 keys to press.
    What do you mean......we can take screen shots now????
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    We need a major leauge soccer app......becase socce is bigger than baseball,basketball,and football combined.....
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    A decent role playing game to pass time!
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    zippo lighter app:

    like this one:
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    I would love a Photo Editing app. Simple stuff like rotation or beef up the contrast/brightness.
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    How about a Taser App that pictures a taser, shows the arcing when activated, makes the sound, and vibrates the phone when active too..

    Also, would like to see if we can somehow get a Direct Connect (PTT) on the Pre via the RevA. Could be mapped to the round button in the gestures area when phone is in standby mode. It's possible with Qchat on RevA, so I don't know why we can't somehow make access to it with the Pre.
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    i just want a good facebook app, that would be great
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    imeem for the pre
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    tweetmyface... like the iphone where you can write an update and have it go to all 3 netowrks

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