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    Like a Sprint app for billing, usage, etc.
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    I want an ap that I can hook the phone up to my stereo in my car via aux jack and listen to my mp3's and my gps. Then when my phone rings not interupt those two aps from running and be able to answer the call on my bluetooth headset. A true multi task! Now I would have my mp3 player gps and b talking on the phone all at the same time with one phone.
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    A app that monitors your minutes and tells you when your going over you minutes for the month.(notification) The app would also need to take into account free nights and weekends, mobile to mobile. This would be a tricky one.
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    a app like iphone where The phone acts like a Scale... forget the leveler lol
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    I would love to see a app, or a patch that when you put your phone on its front it goes to vibrate mode, like what my omnia does. Its REALLY nice in resturant, or a meeting to just flip it on a incoming call.
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    I would like to have a quick contact list. I like having all of my contacts from facebook and etc. but would like to have more control. It would also be cool to see each person's status updates within the contact list. or contact card.
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    I didn't have time to go through the whole thread, but my wish list would include a weather app similar to WeatherPanel.

    I switched from WM and what I miss most is having a home page that I can customize. On mine I had Weather Panel, my calendar, sports scores and messaging. The Pre really needs a nice home page.
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    SKYPE! need i say more?
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    I would like something to read bar codes for a media collection program. dvds, cds, books, etc.

    A good dictionary/thesaurus web app or full dictionary app

    A good ereader app

    A good Bible with different versions

    A good yellow pages, white pages, reverse lookup web app or full app ( i dont like the yellow pages in where)

    Docs 2 Go

    I know that I can do some of this online, but at this point I don't like how they are formatted and I would like more integration with copy, paste, edit, adding to contacts and etc. One thing about where yellow pages that is bad is if you add a contact then delete the where app later all the contacts delete too. I think this might be a palm requirement that seems a little dumb.
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    1. A music tuner (i'd pay monies for this one, hint hint)
    2. A oil ratio converter calculator
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    A few things on my wishlist:

    Add task management to Synergy (Toodledo, Remember The Milk
    A good weather app (Fizz Weather, SBSH)
    Kindle eBook App
    RSS Feed Reader
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    I need shop savey for pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsgoldring View Post
    A few things on my wishlist:

    Add task management to Synergy (Toodledo, Remember The Milk
    A good weather app (Fizz Weather, SBSH)
    Kindle eBook App
    RSS Feed Reader
    the webOS book has an RSS Feed Reader as it's example application that it has you build. i could probably send you an .ipk of the final version if you'd like. don't know why palm didn't include it in the catalog.
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    i want an app that shows animated weather radar and allows you to zoom in and out
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    how about a cookbook app for creating fast and cheap healthy meals with pictures?

    It would be nice to also let pre users share their recipes and create step by step instructions with pictures
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    I want to see an equalizer app that will let you boost the max volume and allow you to adjust bass and treble
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    I would love to disable the volume keys, that is driving me crazy. My volume keeps getting adjust by mistake. I'm left handed and it's almost impossible not to hit it accidentally.

    And when I put it in the pouch and place it into my belt holder case, the pouch pressure hits the volume keys.

    I would be more than happy to adjust the volume within the software.

    I would also love a 'RESET' app. I find it hard to do a reset using the keyboard.

    My Treo had a simple app to do a reset of the phone.

    Those are my two little app requests for the wishlist!
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    I would also love a 'RESET' app. I find it hard to do a reset using the keyboard.
    I haven't checked if it's a Developer-mode only feature, but when I go to Device Info and scroll down there's a "Reset Options" button. Click it and you'll get three, the first one is a reboot. Don't hit the two that talk about erasing data unless you really want a fresh start! It's a little confusingly named, I took "Reset Options" as "Reset the options I've selected", not "show me my options for resetting the phone".
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    App to install themes
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    I used to have an app on iphone for Keeping track of Glucose Readings as well as Insulin intake and Carb intake and it would keep a running A1C average and within the program I could email those numbers straight to my Doctor.
    I long to see that on the Pre,to me and type 1 Diabetics alike it is the only thing that made the iPhone stand out above the Pre.

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