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    1) One that uses the GPS to track movements for use by runners. My neighbor who paid big $$$ for a wrist GPS that keeps track of his pace etc would be awful jealous that I could have my MP3 player and GPs in my ONE armband.

    2) My wifes instinct has an icon that shows a car in each contact that automatically pulls up the sprint nav with directions to the address in the contact. I use it mostly with my own contact to get home form somewhere new. Sure you can open up the nav and find a contact in there, but I'd rather just start typing the name and touch an icon once the contact is up. The other glitch is that even if you use the contact selection in the sprint nav, the address format that is acceptable in the contacts is usually NOT acceptable to the sprint nav. On the instinct, when you enter the address to begin with it checks compatibility with the nav right away to avoid later issues. Tried this and the first 6-7 contacts had "invalid address".... didn't like the . period after AVE?!? I'm entering an address right now and i've tried 8 different versions and can't get it to "accept" it in the nav.

    3)The live search on the instinct beats the universal search on the pre hands down. Its basically a voice activated google.... hold button down and say, "McDonalds" and the list appears..... no typing at all.

    The Pre is superior, but they could have looked at the other phones to see some pretty easy perks that Sprint already offers..... or at least see how other phones more seemlessly interacted between common sprint apps.

    Just to re-mention......

    4) Visual VM (standard on instinct)
    5) Voice dial (standard on instinct)
    6) Tethering

    Except maybe for tethering, none of these are "new" or difficult apps.... should have been standard.
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    I would say a VPC client would be handy
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    My birthday tomorrow. What app's I'd like is: PDAnet tethering, SLINGBOX and a Bikini Girl of the day app! THAT's all!
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    The Hockey News (THN) app

    an app for Pittsburgh Penguins news / schedule / stats

    a campground finder for RVs

    a rest area locator




    I like the Pre so much that not only did I give up the battle to get an iPhone I gave up my 32GB iTouch -- but I am missing a few apps ... just crossing fingers someone puts their skills to work. *(grins)*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spitfire11 View Post
    1) One that uses the GPS to track movements for use by runners. My neighbor who paid big $$$ for a wrist GPS that keeps track of his pace etc would be awful jealous that I could have my MP3 player and GPs in my ONE armband.
    I just d'ld that one in the Homebrew Apps yesterday ... it is called PREtrack 0.5 and it works very well. Walking and riding in the truck ... so not only can you show up your friend ... but you can make sure your wife isn't speeding. = )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton View Post
    I want a touch keyboard app that allows me to use my screen instead of slideout keyboard when i don't feel the need to use it.
    Quote Originally Posted by mfriggio View Post

    Definately a must!
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    Streaming App for Wolfgang's Vault
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    The pdf viewer and document reader is a joke. We need a universal document reader (editor?) that will open right in the browser!
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    I thought it would be great to create an app that will automatically take pictures if your camera goes out of a preset mapped area or preset time and send those pics via sms or e-mail. This could help you track down your stolen phone. Maybe even have an ability to remote access the phone to take the pics yourself.
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    Thanks.... I didn't look thoroughly enough.
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    An iHeartRadio-esque app! I need my local radio station!!!!!! Please someone!
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    Rss reader! For goodness sake a proper rss reader!
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    I would love to see a app.
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    Wish they would have spoof app for prank calling on palm pre
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    I'd love to see this kind of an app. I'm sick of constantly switching on/off various power-hungry features like GPS/location services, push e-mail, bluetooth, wifi, screen brightness, and data roaming.......

    Why not design an app that allows us to select certain preset "profiles," and allow us to create our own CUSTOM PROFILES???

    The two ends of the spectrum would look something like this:

    - GPS, location services ON
    - Bluetooth ON
    - Wifi ON
    - Push email for all supporting accounts ON
    - Data roam ON
    - Screen brightness FULL

    - GPS, location services OFF
    - Bluetooth OFF
    - Wifi OFF
    - Email fetch set to MANUAL
    - Data roam OFF
    - Screen brightness MINIMUM

    ... What do you guys think? I'd love it if a developer could get on this... THIS kind of an app could be used by just about EVERYBODY on a regular basis. Think about it!
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    I think I would like an app that will disable the volume buttons or at least lock them.

    I keep having to adjust them because every time I hold my Pre, just handling it, I end up hitting the volume buttons and screwing up my settings.


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    I would like an app to display all birthdays that are under individual contacts on the actual calendar, like the treo's would do.
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    The best music app that could possibly be made would be for I would be in love.
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    Im looking for a simple calendar I just want it to be like a home calendar that I can fill in so I don't have to break it down hour to hour. Maybe week to week option or a day to day but I want the display to show an entire month and what ever I write in each day. Seems simple enough but nobody anywhere ever makes it for anything lol. (Hopefully someone understands what I'm talking about)

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