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    Hmm.. I remember back in my winmo days when I had this file sharing app on my phone (I can't remember the name). It would let me search & download music and videos directly to my phone like any other file sharing client on your desktop. It was buggy when I used it, but that was also several years ago.

    Would this be remotely possible with webos if some brave soul tried it?
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    how about an app where you can take a picture and then sketch it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Str8addicted View Post
    a universal IM program
    visual or visible voicemail
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    Groupwise app. Need it for work. So I can stop carrying around my blackberry.
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    Looking for a hack to allow the music player to play .mp3 or .pls streams, esp those broadcast from Shoutcast / Winamp so I can bounce audio streams to my Pre.

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    Yahoo Fantasy Sports..

    Desktop Theming .. /skins etc...
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    Ebook reader/viewer and phone call recorder, in that order.
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    A Blutooth DVD Blue Ray remote controle app for my PS3.
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    good stuff
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    My biggest needs are for day-to-day productivity:

    - Much better control of notifications (play different sounds for different apps, control number and length of vibrations).
    - Notification reminders (if I don't acknowledge an SMS message, I want it to keep nagging me until I do). Butler does that nicely on the treo.
    - Profiles - One touch to change notification settings across the device. There were some good treo apps for this.
    - Home screen/today screen with upcoming events, etc.
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    I'd really love to see a Couch to 5K app. Basically a timer app that allows for custom timer setups and have the Couch to 5K runs in there from the beginning. Because of the multitasking it would work brilliantly. You can listen to whatever music you want and after the allotted run/walk period it would ding in to let you know to swap pace.
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    I would like to see an app for live TV. Sling media or something of the sane.
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    A TEETER type app would be fun!!
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    I'd like
    sound control card A single card that allows me to set the volume (and perhaps the tunes) associated with every app, or at least with every standard Pre-supplied app.
    Quote Originally Posted by metsfan View Post
    I would like to have some sort of ringer profiles, and the ability to set different sounds for different events (email, IM, SMS, phone call).
    It'd be nice if it did this stuff, too

    Power control card A single card that allows me to toggle on and off power-hungrey features like bluetooth, GPS, phone service, wifi, screen brightness, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by dwhitman View Post
    . . . And a real calculator with RPN. I contacted Nth labs who wrote the best one for PalmOS - he sounded encouraging but non-committal.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Duck View Post
    Hp12c is available for Palm.I plan to use this in the classic mode.
    However, a new version of this great calculator would be nice.
    I wrote to MathU, who wrote an excellent RPN calculator for the Treo, and ported it nicely to the iPhone. (the current version works fine in classic, but I'd be happy to pay again to get a nice native version.

    Quote Originally Posted by jayty97 View Post
    I want a location based app that will change your phone settings depending on your location, such as turn the ringer off when you get to your work, doctors office, bank, etc. When you get home, the phone could automatically transfer your calls to your land line, turn wifi on and off..... The only downfall is that you would need to keep gps active.... unless triangulation will be accurate enough...

    Quote Originally Posted by kigmatzomat View Post
    I need categories for Contacts and documents. blah-blah-Universal Search, look people, I'm getting older and I suck at remembering names. I need categories in my Contacts and documents so I can *FIND* the name of the person/place/thing I'm looking for. . .
    I also need categories for Contacts. And universal serach isn't. I have helpful comments like "plumber" that were successfully pulled over from my Treo, but the search doesn't find them, it doesn't seem to read all the sections of contacts.

    I need a more full-featured e-mail program, too. I am still using Snapper in classic mode for some things. I want to be able to sort by time, name, or topic. I want to create folder on the Pre (not on some IMAP account out there) so that I can store a small number of e-mails indefinitely but have all the others go away on their own. I want to be able to spoof multiple "from/reply to" addresses from a single account - and then sort on the "to" field to help find stuff.

    (Oh, and I want "universal" search to search my e-mails.)

    Quote Originally Posted by nhavar View Post
    (re animated email) Please kill this with fire. The last thing in the world that I want is my mother and other various ignorant people spamming me with animated MMS, like they do with e-mail and links to various bull**** web pages. Oh look a dancing baby, oooh a slide show of psuedo-inspirational vistas, ah star wars kid, yeah Rick Rolled!!! Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
    The email already renders more than I'd like it to. I get formatted pages that are tiny, and yeah, I can pinch them out, but then I have to scroll back and forth to read each line. I'd love an option to turn off HTML rendering and just see the text part in a visible-sized font.

    Quote Originally Posted by ABBlockhead View Post
    . . .Make the calendar searchable . . .
    Universal seach was a really good idea. Hope they hurry up and implement it.

    Oh, and I'd like a bunch of games, but I expect that to happen. I especially want some solitaires. I'll be downloading some homebrews soon, but still hungry for stuff I don't see there.
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    Google maps and sprint nav. are good but I found a major problem with them driving back from Phoenix the last 2 days. No cell service = no maps to help
    A way to download an area before you go would be nice it would need to work with the on board GPS to be of real use.
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    Not so much an App wishlist, but I would like to see more options to organize what I already have:
    photos -rename, edit, rotate, slideshow

    website bookmarks-view list as default, categories files such as News, Sports, Blogs...

    apps icons -categories, set up like the photo app to include an All folder, Music folder, News, Sports, even a YARF folder! More Launcher pages (I only have 3) would help.

    I know there are some homebrews to work around these ideas, but how do you guys with 88 apps find anything?
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    Microsoft Word App. That could come really handy for college and business or anywhere where people need to write long pages and send them. Except also a true copy and past would help for it. Even if it's a stripped down version of it.
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    The zipped folder contains the install of the palmOS version as downloaded from the medatrax website.

    This program is usable under classic, but without the stylus it's not practical. I don't know what the copyright limitations are, so pls be mindful. has been my POC on issues r/t the software, so anyone interested in building an app would of course have to get details from them. If I knew how to write programs I'd do it myself, but I need brains. It looks pretty simple from the surface, and since medatrax is a company, perhaps they'd be interested in compensating the developer. Just a thought. Thanks.
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    I want an app that can cleanly close other apps (same as if you
    simply flicked a card off the screen) on a simple timer.

    This would allow me to fall asleep listening to Pandora, or
    an Audio book and have it shut off automatically after 30 minutes
    or an hour or whatever. Sleep Timer app would let you choose
    what other running app to close and at what interval.

    If I knew of a unix command that would let me kill a specific
    WebOS app by name, I could probably get pretty close
    with simple unix shell commands running in the Terminal app.


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