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    Quote Originally Posted by mholian View Post
    I agree with many of the suggestsions, but one of my favorite for Palm to address would be the idea of customizable power profiles. I do not get cell phone service in the dungeon where I work, so every day I need to turn on airplane mode and the go back and turn the wireless back on. Likewise, when I drive home, I'd like my bluetooth on, my cell on, but my wireless off. Being able to create customizable profiles would allow everyone to build profiles to meet their unique needs.

    Also, I would appreciate the choice is my wireless shots down when my device goes to sleep. The phone does not, why should the wireless?

    Having said that, I would hope that the GPS does not operate until an app requires it. Right, Palm?
    This wud be great considering i use wifi at home and no service at work
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    I hope someone can copy the bartender app from iphone... its a mixology in hand! i think my pre needs that!
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    didnt read all 10 pages but definately gvdialer needs to be on the webos platform..i have a workaround for now..placed a link in the launcher for and used seven on my att fuze to sync my outlook contacts (my phonebook) to my gmail account so when i visit the gvoice page my phonebook is in contacts
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    Digsby App would be AWESOME!
    Who needs separate apps for everything when you can get it all in one app!?
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    I'll add to the pack:
    Pocket Quicken - needs to have some type of sync ability w/laptop;
    MLB, it may not be necessary (web link works fine), but I'd check it out if it was a free app;
    Digital Photo Frame - a definite winner;
    bar tender app would be cool;
    power profile app would be interesting as well
    Voice Dial/Voice Recorder
    tip calculator would be ok

    hopefully Chapura is working on a sync for Outlook Notes & Tasks along w/the Calendar & Contacts - AND - Dataviz is working on crossover for Passwords Plus from the Palm OS to the Web OS like they did for Docs to Go (will require ability to sync w/laptop also)

    also - Gas Buddy, this is a great tool; an app would make it much easier to use
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPre View Post
    I got one that would help everyone including pre/palm/sprint servers....

    How about the possibility of a notification reminder when a new app arrives in the app cat.?!

    How many of you load up the app cat. Various times throughout the day?

    Absolutely on the Apps notifier - that would be MONEY!! to answer the question, several times....
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    i would to see a violin app I loved the one the iphone has
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    i would like to see a tv guide app and a street view app like google has
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    Had a few neat app ideas..but since I'm not a developer or prgrammer, I though I'd list it here incase someone thaought these are a good idea and run with it. Some of these may not be apps, but implementations that could be added to the Pre webOS.
    • A quick-launch wave ribbon that appears from top, rather than the bottom and is for speed-dialing a few contacts
    • 2-finger swipe to close an app from full-screen
    • Integrate vibrate-only mode via a calendar event
    • gesture recognition
    • Podcatcher front-end from a google reader account
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    DopeWars. I can't believe the quality (high quality) of these homebrew's and how fast they've been pumping them out but nobody ported Dopewars yet. Come ON! I'm going to try to do it myself soon (but I know I'll fail miserably).

    I don't want to buy classic just for a 12K game that's been around for 10 years.
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    just start porting iPhone apps
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    I am a long term user of palm phones and have my SMS databases for the last several years. Once they are on my personal computer you can convert them to CVS format for viewing.

    I would like to be able to:

    1. Backup the SMS data (preferably already in CSV format) from the Pre
    2. Import SMS data from a CSV formatted File.

    I would be willing to pay $15 for software that does this.

    If the software added the ability to backup the sqlite database (at least the call info and sms data) with the ability to restore that specific data..

    I would be willing to pay $29
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    Dictionary and Thesaurus would be helpful
    Public Transportation System Station locator (bus stops, and train stations locations) - with updates about incidents etc.
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    A dictionary would be awesome
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    A App would also be great.
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    How about a Wootoff updater / checker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    How about a Wootoff updater / checker?

    been wishing for this all day what with the multitasking ability and all
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    In addition to the partners we've seen already in that Engadget document, I really want a Netflix and a Hulu app.

    Being able to watch the Instant Play movies from Netflix would be awesome! Same goes for Hulu of course!
    Both would be great!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    amen to that!!!!
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    If you jailbreak your iPhone you can get an app called "LockDown" which allows you to create a lock screen for certain apps.

    I don't ever really bother with the lock screen on my phone because it locks out everything, but it would be nice to block out certain apps (SMS, Facebook and Banking Apps when they come out)

    This is nice if you are letting someone (particularly girls) use your phone but don't want them going through your stuff. I'm not sure how feasible it would be but I think it is a cool idea and I'm not sure why it isn't standard on most phones.

    Decent Overview Here: installerapps*com/2008/08/29/lockdown/

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