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    I really like the tasks app but I'm not crazy about the memos. I know it will just be short amount of time before Evernotes comes up with an app for the Pre until then I will just access Evernotes from the browser. Evernotes rocks for anyone who was wondering. I have over 2000 evernotes and I can find the one I am looking for in about 0.5 seconds!
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    Agreed, a first class app.
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    Looks way too simple, but then I'm a bit demanding when it comes to a Tasks app. I'm sure there will be several Tasks apps soon after launch, and I'll definitely pick up one of them.
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    Pics removed from links? Nevermind they just weren't loading. Engadget has linked them so I guess they are busy.
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    I find it interesting that Google just recently added real Tasks to the Google Calendar.
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    Just wondering if tasks or notes syncs with contacts. Have not heard much about contact manager, this is mainly why I use these devices but I find palm contact managers to be really basic and disappointing. I hope they beef it up to match some powerful desktop contact managers like ACT or Outlook with business applications.
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    Looks pretty, but I'm so busy, my tasks (and contacts) are stored in categories. Can't tell if that is supported in these apps like my Agendus apps for Palm "Classic." I'm sure someone will do it, but now no desktop sync but with Exchange.
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