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    Quote Originally Posted by JC Strat View Post
    I like bookworm, but mobile reading is a problem because I can find no page down key or gesture on the pre. Every time you want to advance text, you have to drag it. That gets old quickly. Do you know a work-around to this? Thx.
    In landscape view, perform a down gesture in the gesture area and that'll move one page one way, and performing an up gesture will move it one page the other way.

    If you have advanced gestures turned on, you have to do the half gesture like you would to do back (aka from edge to button, or button to edge).
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    I am using eReader under Classics (as I think Shortcovers sucks) but when I tried to use more advanced functions like font/background colors, I got the blue screen of death--but then it worked again. Have you had any problems using the more advanced functions like scrolling or font colors?
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    I buy books from and use mobipocket reader. I like the autoscroll with speed adjustments. Although a few more speeds would be nice. I could see up and down gestures to increase and decrease speed and a fixed tap to pause. Then you just sit and read down as the text scrolls up.
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    i am also finding a eBook reader~~
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    I have downloaded e reader on my desktop, but how do I get it on my pre? I'm sorry if I am being dumb, but just cannot figure it out. It is in zipped format, I unzipped it, and dragged it over to my pre, but still nothing. Please help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by greg963 View Post
    I'm using classic with eReader but I would much rather have a native app
    Same here have eReader working in Classic but of course want a native Pre app.

    I have been writing message to each company that I have app on my Treo 650 that I want on my Pre in native format.

    I ask them if they are planning to port over there apps to the new Pre pending the SDK kit.

    I think everyone should do this for what ever app you liked on your Treo or Centro, let these companies know we want this stuff.

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    Anyone know how to bookmark ebooks with mobile bookworm?
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    I just joined bookworm 10 minutes ago, and uploaded one of my favorite books, A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole.

    It reads beautifully in landscape. The page down gesture is a wonderful improvement over the iPhone. Thanks jhoff80. I only saw an option to begin at the current chapter, not anything for bookmarks.

    Truth is though, I probably won't be reading too many ebooks on the Pre.

    When at work at night I prefer reading news on the Pre (short form reading), and use an ebook reader (Jetbook) at home.

    I went for the Jetbook after trying the Kindle. The Jetbook's lcd screen is better than the E-ink of the Kindle, especially in low light, and the page turns are instant. It is also perfectly (amazingly) readable in direct sunlight. It is my ereader of choice. It's the size of a paperback novel, which I like.

    I bought an iPod Touch when the Kindle App was released, and sold my Kindle. A liitle research on will show you how you can buy books with the Kindle app using the Touch, and transfer them to the Jetbook.
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    Is there a secret way or something to go in landscape on the pdf veiwer?
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    If you want to see a Kindle reader on the Pre, please email Amazon and TELL them!
    I emailed them last week and they said that currently they had no plans to write an app for the Pre, but I imagine if they had tons of users emailing them asking for it, they would get their staff on it.
    Let's not forget, they want to sell ebooks to you rather than having the sell them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia23 View Post
    I have downloaded e reader on my desktop, but how do I get it on my pre? I'm sorry if I am being dumb, but just cannot figure it out. It is in zipped format, I unzipped it, and dragged it over to my pre, but still nothing. Please help!
    I'm waiting for the Pre to come to Canada. Should be next month (I hope!). Could you not download the e-reader application and e-books wirelessly direct from the e-reader website to the Pre? I'm curious about this too because I am an avid e-reader and definitely need to get my e-books onto the Pre!
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    Some kind of ebook reader that is native is really necessary. Reading is the killer app for me on a PDA or a smart phone. DRM free! I was not happy with the reader on that iphone website. I hate having to haul around my windows mobile smart phone just to read my books. Microsoft Reader works great which is a big surprise. It automatically remembers what page I am on even if the smart phone crashes. What, Windows crash? lol. I hope the native app at least matches the utility of MS Reader.
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    Here's another stop gap solution, and its fun too. Download books in text format and convert to PDF for viewing on the Pre.

    This website is the youtube of on-line documents downloadable in PDF or TXT file.

    1. search for a book (or subject, or writer) that you like,
    2. pick one form the search results and click 'download',
    2. do the instant (i.e. no e-mail verification required) account creation,
    3. download the TEXT format file,
    4. open the text file in MS Word or other decently capable word processor,
    5. Resize the paper to be 3.5"x3.5", with 0.2" borders,
    6. feel free to bump up the font size or change the font to your liking (after you play with one, you'll get a feel for your likings),
    6. Print to PDF (use a freeware PDF writer like PDF995),
    7. upload to Pre,
    8. you'll need to do the double click trick to maximize the text to the screen size, but after doing that, the PDF viewer page up/down arrows works like a charm.

    screenshot of Moby **** done in this fashion:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Thank you!!!!!! I fooled around with this but your method is better and IT WORKs. Downloaded free baen book as RTF, used OpenOffice to format page and convert to .txt, then pdf995 to pdf. PDF to USB drive on Pre and I'm reading!
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    Hi everyone, we have previously posted that, which is owned by fictionwise, which is now a part of barnes & noble have stated that they were waiting on the sdk and once they had it, which they now do, they would be porting ereader software over to the pre. They said to me yes they are working on porting it over and for now you could run it under classic, but they are working on it.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    For some reason, Fictionwise ereader has begun working very poorly on Classic. whenever I close it, it forgets where it was and loses all bookmarks. when I reopen ereader (even if Classic has not closed) it behaves as if the book is new. Just started doing this -- not related to 1.1 upgrade. any help appreciated.
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    It's nearly impossible to read on the .pdf viewer because it doesn't seem to have an option for landscape mode. Has anybody figured out how to view .pdf's in landscape?
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    The pdf stopgap from Nurgling is great. Thank you. Here's more:

    The online readers don't let you bookmark, and you have to swipe down all the time. With Nurgling's way, at least you can remember what page you're on. I'm going to try this.

    I don't know hard it would have been for Palm to include a proprietary reader and conversion tool for the Pre. I always liked Mobipocket, and I still use it on the Classic emulator. You can tap the screen to turn pages, and it remembers where you were. These online readers are for the birds. A good reader should allow you to 1) keep the text on your device, 2) allow you to actually be able to read the print, 3) have the ability to be able to go back to return to where you were, and 4) have to be able to turn pages rather than swipe down. Nurgling's way is good for all four, except #3 is shaky.

    By the way, for people who use text files to make ebooks (e.g., from project gutenberg) and find that there are carriage returns all over the place (you end up with only one or two words on a line and then it returns to the next line, etc.), there is a fix: open the file up in word, open "find and replace" and if there are two carriage returns between each paragraph, in the "find" box, put "^p^p" and replace it with "$$" (without the quotes). Then open find and replace again, and put "^p" in the find box, and in the replace box just hit the space bar once. Then replace all of your $$s with ^p^p again. This takes out all the carriage returns except for the ones between paragraphs.

    If you have a single carriage return between paragraphs, it's a little trickier, but still kind of fun. Replace ".^p" with $$, and "quotation mark-carriage return" with "%%", "exclamation mark-carriage return" with ##, etc. Then eliminate returns and replace all of your other marks with a carriage return (^p) or a double carriage return.

    This is how I made a lot of really nice mobipocket books from goofy text files and pdfs that saved as goofily-formatted text files.

    But it should work really nicely with this pdf trick.
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    I'll try these tips out later on. Thanks for the great workarounds.
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    You can download the simplebible app ... Then you could read at least .. one book
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