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    All this time I thought you had to pay for Pandora. I can't believe I've been missing out on this!!!
    Npe. It helps to sign up for a free account so you can save all of your stuff but otherwise it's free. They make their money from links to buy the albums you hear. I hope that since Pandora will be so optimized on the Pre and the Pre will be tied to the Amazon store it will help both Palm and Pandora to make money. Pandora has been feeling the pinch of late as it's hard to make money from a free service like that. If you can tie your phone to your Amazon account and buy a cheap DRM-free version of a song or album, it may prove to be very profitable in the way iTunes/ITMS integration with iPhone/iPod has helped Apple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by estroh View Post
    When Pandora is streaming radio, will I get phone calls or will they be transferred to voicemail?
    The safe assumption is that it will either be paused or muted when a call comes through, and then pick back up when you're done.

    Though, then, I'm not sure it's safe to assume. All will hopefully be answered soon.
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    That is how all of the streaming apps work on my Touch Pro. These networks still kinda suck at doing voice and data at once even when it is technically possible. Anyway it would be hard to talk and listen to music at once anyway. On my TP when I get a call it pops up and I can either answer or ignore and go back to music.
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