I was recently over at MotionApps blog, and read that Classic will support 3rd party email clients. I'm keenly interested in this for this reason: I'm a heavy Palm PDA user; I've run my business from a Tungsten T3 for some years (and still do). I don't really need Hotsyncing, except for one thing--I use the desktop component for my database program for Palm, Smartlist To Go, to print out updated (from the handheld) customer calling lists every month. I also have a mileage log database that I print out monthly for my IRS records. The desktop component creates a layout for printing from the updated .pdb files synced from the handheld to the desktop.

I was disappointed to see that the Pre DTA will be one-way only; using Smartlist To Go in Classic,I was hoping that I could transfer those .pdbs into the computer (then to the appropriate Smartlist To Go folder), but no. And, MotionApps says that Bluetooth transfer out of classic won't be possible. Now, I have a Palm OS file manager called FileZ, and it has in its options sending choices: IR, bluetooth, SMS, and Versamail (pre-loaded email client in the T3). My question is this: will it be possible to email those Smartlist .pdbs to my desktop out of Classic from the Pre (using a 3rd party email client)? C'mon, all I need is two measly files...please?