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    What is your favorite PalmOS app that you can't live without, Pre or no Pre. If there's an app that you don't think will even be possible with the webOS SDK but will work under Classic, we'd be interested in hearing about that too.

    On the day the Pre gets released and Classic is available, we'll choose randomly from amongst all the posters in this thread.

    Thanks to MotionApps!
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    Laridian MyBible
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    IP calc
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    NoviiRemote, which might work under Classic, but can't work on the Pre (no IR port!). Thanks, MotionApps! {ProfJonathan}
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    I'm a huge fan of SplashID!
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    Pocket Express
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    I cannot live without SplashMoney. It keeps tracks of all of my finances.

    If I were to say one app I didn't think would work under the emulator, I'd guess Little John's Palm OS Emulator. It would be the best news in the world if it did work. But, I'm not holding my breath.

    Can't live without SplashMoney though.
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    Pocket Quicken
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    Sounds corny, but TreoAlarm. Great alarm clock and weather features. And it sounds like the Pre may not have an alarm feature built-in...
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    Splashmoney for me
    (Would say TAKEphONE but they said PIM apps won't work, but I couldn't live without it in PalmOS)
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    Certainly, SlingPlayer....and PocketQuicken.
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    CacheMate... while I hope some good geocaching apps materialize for the Pre, until then, I'd be lost without CacheMate!
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    I reach for QuickVerse often.
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