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    Quote Originally Posted by kaylock View Post
    Memos - I have a 126 memos that I use all day everyday. I would prefer it it was on Web OS vs. Classic. But, then how would I transfer them over. Don't want to type that much on Qwerty!!!
    i'm hoping Palm will be good enough to include an Import feature from Palm Desktop (or Outlook for that matter) for those of us moving over from OS5 which would include Memos, Tasks, etc.
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    I've got two that I've used over and over again for work: Date Wheel and Big Clock

    With respect to the latter, it almost got me arrested a short while ago. I was travelling in India last fall, and I brought my Palm with me to serve as a calculator and alarm clock. In the plane on the way over, I also used it to set my watch to the new timezone, using a countdown timer from 1:00 minute in Big Clock to make sure that the new time was close.

    I was stopped in the airport in Delhi going through security...seems the man with the machine gun wanted to look through my bag. When he found my Palm, he didn't recognize what it was (it's older...let's just say 8 Mb and a monochrome screen), and despite the language barrier, looked to me to explain what it was. After saying several times that it was, "a Palm...a Palm" (and only later realizing how much that must have sounded, particularly to a non-english speaker, like "Bomb, bomb"), I decided the best thing would be to turn it on for him. So I did.

    And there it countdown from the plane ride over...paused of course, until I turned it back on. Big numbers. get the picture.

    Surprisingly, he didn't seem to worry to much about it. Good thing I got the negligent security officer...
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    PalmaryClock Wireless
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    Slingplayer. Nuff said.
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    STRIP... I don't want to transfer all my account info to another app just yet.
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    My most used apps:

    Luach (hebrew calender)
    Esh Siddur (hebrew prayers)
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    Palmary Clock
    About 30 games like Astroware Sudoku, Insaniquarium, etc...
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    and, of course,
    Ma Tirelire (free bank accounts manager designed for Treo see
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    The freeware Sudoku app from Sudoku - My Programs - Palm - PDAs - Andrew Gregory's Web Pages

    I also like TreoAlarm, MobileTS (Remote Desktop Protocol), and AnthaVPN. If we have some sort of remote control software (VNC or RDP) and a Cisco VPN client I will be presently surprised.
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    I tried all three versions from Palm, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. The Palm version is the best and can't wait to try it on Pre using the emulator.
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    I don't care what you say SPRINT kicks
    Treo650/Treo700p/Treo700wx/Treo755/HTC Touch/ Treo Pro/ Touch Pro/ Touch Diamond / Palm Pre / HTC EVO Shift / Nexus S 4G
    My Themes - Prethemer
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    Datebk6 !!!
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    My favorite one is Handy Shopper.
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    Sorry, I forgot on my previous reply, Datebk 5 OF COURSE.
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    My Memos and Wordsmith!
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    Sol Free.
    An (obviously) free solitaire program that came with one of my many palm devices that I always move to my new one.
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    Well, thanks to the little details you picked out, I'm ecstatic to see Twitter's already there, which means it'll be there for the launch. I NEED Twitter! 95% of my Blackberry's use is to stay connected on Twitter.
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    SplashID and Bob's Alarm (did this become Treo Alarm?)
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