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    ChatterEmail. Hoping someone develops a WebOS equivalent, since Marc Blank won't be doing it. (Check the discussion on other threads if you haven't seen that yet.)

    And I'm surprised that, on page 8, I'm the first to mention it as my app of choice!
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    My favorite are SplashMoney and SplashID.
    But I cannot live without CJKOS. It handles the double-byte Asian characters.
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    Here's my list (I can't just post one)
    MyCheckbook (though such a program should be possible in WebOS)
    SpaceTrader (once again should actually be one of the few games possible with WebOS)
    UFOLegacy very nice RPG (maybe when flash is available).
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    Mvoice by Motion Apps I use it to record conf. calls for my home business when I can't listen to the call live. Just record it and listen later.
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    I use Agendus more than anything, although since it won't be able to interface with the pre's databases, I suppose I'll have to give it up at least temporarily.

    The other apps I can't live without are SplashNotes and SplashID.
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    HandsHigh Slap / SplashData Snap (same app, just licensed to SplashData)
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    I would like to see:

    Resco Explorer
    Rescio BackUp
    Announce Callers (Pspeak)
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    GŁnther's Open Source Software

    Really great app for learning new languages!
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    LJP (Little John Palm) multi-system emulator. Use it all the time, and definetely won't be possible on the Pre without more robust direct access to the hardware.

    I love playing old Super Nintendo games on my Treo.
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    Pocket Quicken and Palm VNC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Q View Post
    ChatterEmail. ..cut.. And I'm surprised that, on page 8, I'm the first to mention it as my app of choice!
    I was going to put Chatter since it's one of my important apps, but I'm hoping the Pre email app is at least as good out of the box. Time will tell.

    There are many apps very important to me that I have the same hopes for. There are also those apps that are most important but no longer of use since Palm is taking away () our local removable storage/SD slot - those are RescoBackup, NVBackup, BackupMan, etc. I can't imagine having a current or past Palm device without a good backup-to-SD app.
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    For me besides having desktop connectivity that I can't live without is Datebk.
    I have a bunch of custom Icons for my Calendar, which makes it easy for me at a glance to know what is happening on that date!
    I love this program and all the things it does.
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    I use pocket Express on my Treo 755p!
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    Like many others, I can't list just one. Here's my short list:

    Laridian's MyBible
    CountEm (also by Laridian)
    Converter (

    Hopefully Laridian will port their software to WebOS. However, I've got several dollars invested in addons that I'd like to be able to use on my new Pre (wiping them from my old 755p, of course!).

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    Profiles.... Or I guess just the basic Treo calendar... I use that so often, my life would be one chaotic mess without it.
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    Memos - I have a 126 memos that I use all day everyday. I would prefer it it was on Web OS vs. Classic. But, then how would I transfer them over. Don't want to type that much on Qwerty!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by robot123 View Post
    Profiles.... Or I guess just the basic Treo calendar... I use that so often, my life would be one chaotic mess without it.
    Don't you think the Pre calendar will obviate the need for the basic Treo version?
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    my Skyscape Medical apps. They very well may make them WebOS compatable but i'd probably have to buy them all over again. I also use PhonTuner as my guitar tuner. and it works great!!!
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