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    Medical Mneumonics
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    Oh dear - My Treo 755 gets a lot of use of
    Laridian MyBible,
    CallRec by Qmobilsoft,
    CallBlock by
    DayNotez by Natara
    Diddlebug (yeah, after all these years)
    Metronome by Richard Chamberlain (?!)
    Stopwatch by Plushworks
    tryda by TelePages
    Marbles2 v1.5 by Puzzle Game - Marbles Squared - for the Palm
    PhonTuner by Display Research Laboratory

    uh, ok that's about it for those I think need Classic...
    oh, and
    Comet by Natara also.

    Mike Compeau
    Michael Compeau
    Red Zen Marketing . posterous . com
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    Laridian MyBible. I use it everyday! Documents to Go would run second.

    Palm Treo Pro, iPhone 3G 16GB Refurb, Palm TX
    Waiting for Pre GSM!
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    Considering that my IT department does not allow direct EAS syncing and only allows (currently...) either BES or Goodlink clients...

    I am going for Good Mobile Messaging/GoodLink!!!
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    Considering that the article shows Agendus running on the Pre in Classic app - I can't live without Agendus.
    Moose Man
    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
    iPhone 3G, Treo 750, 680, 650, 600 and T5, T3, T, M515, M505, Vx, V, Prizm, Visor, IIIc, IIIe, Palm Pilot Professional, Palm Pilot (ok boys and girls a whopping 128k of memory - those were the days) and former Palm Beta tester.
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    Honestly? Probably Freecell (think it's spb Freecell). Docs to Go, certainly, but looks like that will be ported ...
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    I need to have a version of SplashMoney or Pocket Quicken on my phone.
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    I miss supermemo to help me memorize things.
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    Just one?

    Palm PDF
    Resco Explorer
    Grx View Pro

    (i'll miss zlauncher...)
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(
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    Hands down, Pocket Express!

    Thanks for having such an informative site. Good stuff.

    He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever." Chinese proverb
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    Tide Tool - critical for working in the field
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    Scrabble. Most of the other apps I use probably won't work (e.g., Butler), or will be supplanted by WebOS apps (e.g., Datebk6).
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Kyocera 6035 > Kyocera 7135 > Treo 600 > Treo 650. All Verizon. Sprint Treo 755p, HTC Mogul & Centro
    Unlocked Treo 680 for trips outside Sprint's areas
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