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    If I had to pick one app - I would pick Splash ID. Bank account info, passwords, etc. are always with me.
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    Littlejohns emulator by far is the best software on a smartphone in a long long time.
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    CalorieKing, using this program helped me lose over 130 lbs. It's just wicked!
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    Splash ID

    Biometric Weight Manager (a REAL diet and excercise app that rocks)


    pTunes for streaming radio stations

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    My most used app is simply called: Converter.

    And it's freeware. I don't think there is a conversion I'd even remotely consider using that it can't do. I have several other free apps I use frequently that I will be using in classic as well.
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    Splash ID is mine! I know there are other OS versions of this program available but I LOVE the Palm OS iteration of this APP! A must have for me!
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    I love MyBible, though I have the hope that Laridian will be able to port PocketBible to the new platform.

    I also love Minutes Plus, but I don't know that if it can even work with the emulator.
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    I started to pick Splash Money then I changed my mind to Passwords Plus.

    Realizing that both Splash Data and DataViz are Palm's partners, I have to say PocketDoan by Joseph Stadolnik.

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    I use PocketQuicken for PalmOS every day.
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    It's the way I bill clients, so I simply gotta' have it!

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    I use skyscape series and Epocrates every day on my work!!!! i canīt live without those programs!!!

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    Definitely Spash Money, but it would be nice if I can use TealAuto and HandyShopper on Palm Pre.
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    Fortune 1.01
    Cyclos - Fortune
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    Jampaq Software, Inc.
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