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    If I had to pick one, I'd say ThoughtManager just because I have accumulated SO much data in it. I have to say it's really a 4-way tie between that, tryda (one the best treo apps ever), Note Studio, and IDGuard.

    My other favorites will all be replaced soon enough with WebOS apps. Those would be pTunes, DocsToGo, 4cast,A-Lex, Resco Explorer & Viewer, NG UndoProfileMD, TAKEphONE, TMP, and USBModem.

    I can't live without Apt on my Treo and hope to see something similar for automation on the Pre as well.
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    CallBlock and CallRec
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    Agendus Pro
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    TextPlus for word completion and pEditPro for true text processing.
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    Kinoma Player
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    "EZ Reader" is the app and its for reading Bible scriptures etc. I've used this program on my Treo 600 and then on my Centro, and it will not be updated.
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    I don't think I can live with Ultrasoft Money. It allows me to sync my debit card transactions on the go with my computer when I get home.
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    Guess I'll have to go with eWallet by Ilium Software, an encrypted password database.

    Apps I don't think are possible with webOS (as I currently understand it):

    My very favorite WAS KeySuite by Chapura. It allowed sync with multiple Outlook calendars together.

    I have also been a long-time fan of Agendus; but alas, it seems it will no longer useful (for me) without pc sync.

    Oh, one more. I know most will probably think this is silly, but I *HEART* PDACookbook. It's extra useful with the pc sync because you can print recipes and other stuff. It would make an awesome candidate for fresh makeover on webOs.
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    Oh, no question. Dope Wars.
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    STRIP - the Secure Tool for Remembering Important Passwords. Absolutely vital.
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    Poker Journal
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    Can't get by w/o JFile!
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    TryDA is great! Would have said TreoAlarm but just stopped working a few months ago... The alarm part works, but no the weather reports...
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    Ultrasoft Money
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    TCPMP and Slingplayer, which would look much better with the bigger screen compared to my Centro!
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    I would definitely have to say Laridian's version of MyBible.
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    Pocket Quicken
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    Key Kaps
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