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    Palm Bible Plus. Palm Bible+ As a pastor, it's amazing to have the full Bible in Greek and Hebrew on my phone. I use it all the time.
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    I second azjerry: DateBk6.
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    NesEM and Slingplayer!
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    ptunes... cant live w/o that!
    holiday usa... cant believe the palm calenders have no holidays...
    ringo... gotta have my own ringtones.
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    Since I expect webos versions of splash money & splash ID, I am going with Smart List To Go
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    Bike or Die!
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    Smartlist To Go! I'm self-employed, and I've used it to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    Bob (RGS)
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    One word..(or app) Win-hand

    If this could be done on Classic, it will open up lots of possibilities. If you dont know what it is, look it up it's amazing!


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    I've got several databases that I depend on in Handbase...
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    Wow...this is a tough one...but I will have to go with Slingplayer Mobile for Palm OS.
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    I can't live without BankBook4. Since I got this app, several years ago, I've tracked my bank accounts flawlessly, to the penny.

    I suppose it's possible -- even likely -- that there'll be a register app for the Pre, but BB4 is so easy to use that I can't see there being much improvement.

    Jeff Wilder, San Francisco Bay Area
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    Memo's - I need access to all 1700 memo's I have on my Centro. Thanks to Motion Apps, I will be able to access them without any issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wayneNtampa View Post
    TomTom Navigator
    or Garmin Mobile XT and SplashID
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    I'd like ereader, 4cast, pocket quicken and slingplayer
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    sling player
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    Dopewars!!! FTW!!!
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    Mundu IM and Radio




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