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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    We will choose winners tonight!
    Tonight? Can't wait.

    I think I said I can't live without Bike or Die; but really, I need CallRec more than anything--not for recording calls, but more for quality recording. Comes really handy when recording lectures.
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    Mundu IM
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    Another vote for CallBlock here.
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    Winner winner chicken dinner?
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    No winners yet? I think classic expires in 2 days for all of us who bought the Pre on Saturday.
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    My trail ends in exactly 25 hours! hurries!

    Also i thought you all should know that the 320x320 PDAMill games work on the emulator and the PalmOS versions are all free!
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    I had to buy a copy for my wife already. Can I declare myself a winner? 1 of 10!!!!
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    how did you purchase? was it an on phone bill sprint thing or did you have to go to their website to purchase and get a key?
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    Bike or Die
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    Keycaps!!! Please

    Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 800W -> Launch Day Pre (RIP 08/13/10) -> Replacement PRE
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    I missed my Alchemy from my Treo. Alchemy works but having a hard time putting in my license number for the app as I cannot get the number keys on the Pre keyboard to be accepted in the Alchemy app. Any thoughts?

    I also miss KeyCaps and am going to try that next. That was/is an awesome app!
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    Astraware Sudoku!
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    Slingplayer -- my one "must have app"!
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    I don't know if a winner has been selected yet, but Space Trader for PalmOS was undoubtedly one of the best mobile time wasters ever.
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    DataViz Documents

    We need that on our Pre!
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    My first would have to be
    Piloc : which lets you change your palm's language.

    But I also like
    PocketDoan: A timer
    CallRec: Record calls
    BDicky, MSDICT, Lingvo SlovoED: Dictionaries
    Warfare Incorporated: The Best Palm Game
    QuickNews: Downloads RSS
    Slingbox: for Watching TV

    and many others.......
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    When are the winners going to be picked?
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    I declare shenanigans

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