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    I'd go with Natara Bonsai. WhenI had a Blackberry for a while I could not find a good outlining program.
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    MyBible, SplashID
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    Gnu Keyring, used it every day. If it doesn't work in classic I'll need to manually harvest all my passwords. It'll take forever.

    Call Filter is another favorite. It allowed you to set up filters and rules. Got an annoying friend who always calls to bull**** during work hours? No problem, filter him directly to voice mail. Fantastic application, I'll miss it.
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    missing CallRec and volumeCare. But there is so much we are getting with the Pre, hard to complain...
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    pssh , an SSH2 client by for access to my servers

    pTunes by NormSoft because of it's excellent internet radio capabilities

    USB Modem by Mobile Stream , for it's excellent "tethering" connectivity
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    We will choose winners tonight!
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    I need CJKOS, that's my must have app.
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    HandyShopper, by Chris Antos. I've used it starting with a Palm III, then Vx, and now TX. I want a pre, but this must work first.

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    I'm having quite a bit of trouble with classic. I know I'm following the instructions correctly, but I cannot get any apps to work at all, even the Classic ROM updater.

    I downloaded the Classic ROM updater to my desktop, connected my PRE to the PC in USB Drive mode, then copied the Classic ROM updater PRC file into the Classic Apps folder on my PRE. (I even tried dowloading it directly into the folder)

    I disconnected the PRE, launched Classic and nothing was there besides the original apps from classic. (When I reconnect the PRE to my PC, the PRC file is still in the folder)

    Anybody else??? I am using the trial version (which claims to be "fully functional"), could that be it?

    Thanks for any input......I'm going crazy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    We will choose winners tonight!
    Dieter, will you personally (or someone from PreCentral) email us directly? Or will you simply post it on this forum?
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    The Palm app that I can't live without has to be Agendus. It pulls from so many different sources and helps me remain organized when things get really hectic.
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    definitely little john. or maybe just ewallet.
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    I think I already posted this but LJP for sure. I hope it works with version 1.1 of classic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by todivefor View Post
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    So, who won ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davetati View Post
    So, who won ?
    must know soon... only 3 days of trial left...

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