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    Give me ListPro or give me Death!

    May be a slight exaggeration...
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    I would have to with;
    picture dial
    auto weather
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    Standalone Password Store, without a doubt.

    I just pulled it out to generate and log a password for this forum!
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    Antha VPN

    PDA Net
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    5 minute clinical consult
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    Pocket Quicken. WITH sync to the desktop application.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    CallRec ! They have to support this one!
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    Going to go with Tetris. Although I'm sure EA will make a Pre version, I don't want to pay another $20.
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    eReader - hope that there's Pre software out there for eReader books, as well as e-books in the public domain.
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    My favorite PalmOS app that you can't live without is Facebook.
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    I actually have two apps I will really miss:
    1) Stand Alone Inc's QuickNews
    Its my preferred automatic RSS reader & pod catcher.
    2) NormSoft's Pocket Tunes Deluxe
    Based on what I'm hearing regarding the current state of the MP3 player when listening to podcasts, I'll use Classic running PocketTunes with its podcast friendly skin for playing the T/P Central podcast, as well as all the other podcasts I listen to.

    I'm sure they will eventually get apps to replace them, but in the mean time, ...
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    Kinoma. I stream podcasts on a daily basis.
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    There's so many apps out there for past palm devices, and to just be cut off from that would be ridiculous, I mean many of them are really great apps that will be useful all the way until new Pre versions are made, or perhaps they may never have to update :].

    I want every app I can get. Thank you.
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    I need intelisync to connect to corporate email in order to get calendar sync. I am not sure how that would work in a web os.
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    I'm thinking that I'd want HandDee-SA for the Pre. Because everyone needs a portable spectrum analyzer.

    Oh, and the BART and Caltrain+ apps will be handy to have!
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    Myself and quite a few people I know use this app every day!
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    Astraware Solitaire, and RealDice World -Mahjong is tha shisnit
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    I came from the old 650. reliable as a PDA. i used splash money for years on that thing. But for the last year have had WM. And while i got splash for the platform as well, it never worked the same. then when my phone was updated to VGA.... well lets just say things never looked right after that. So now i am going back to palm (wife never left and has a centro) and hopefully back to the familairity of splash money.

    Here's to good luck to every one on here and thanks for the giveaway.
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    STRIP - Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords

    Life Balance a close second.

    IIIx -> Visor Prism -> Zire72

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