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    APDL - Airline Pilots Daily Logbook by NC Software. It's going to be really tough doing this by hand if running it under Classic doesn't import my trip data.
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    Traffic puzzle game
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    SplashID - priceless
    DateBk6 - must have Floating Events w/ reminders
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    IP Calc
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    My app that I can't go without is Olive Tree Study Bible.
    Who knows how long a Pre App will be designed for this.
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    Gin Rummy
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    Wow, how can I narrow down my list of must-haves?

    CacheMate geocaching software
    And tons of games, notably: Golden Tee, GTS World Racing (demo'd on Classic!), Hellfire.........
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    Audible to help relax and escape to another world during busy days.
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    Little John PalmOS... but we'll see if that even works
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    My favorite app. is the World Clock !
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    If there is not a version of Bejewled for the Pre, then I will need classic because I can not live without this game.
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    Bugme as it's simple and elegant!
    (R.I.P. Vindigo)
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    1. Agendus Pro
    2. Patience Revisited 5.1
    3. KeyLink
    4. Tide Tool
    5. Handy Shopper
    6. Snap Calc
    7. ShortCut5
    8. FieldPlus

    Just to name a few...

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Classic.

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    Pocket Express
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    Splash ID....has saved me in many, many situations. Love Agendus, but looking forward to new calendar app for Pre.

    Does anyone know if you'll be able to sync Microsoft Entourage for Mac?
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    I have two that apply to my work as a resident in emergency medicine.... three if you count epocrates but that has already been confirmed to work on Classic so I won't count it....
    1) the palm os software for my procedure log made by e-value
    2)Mosby reader

    I am definitely getting the Pre but the functionality of these two programs will determine the difference between getting classic or still carrying my centro around at work (BUMMER)
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    I paid 40 bucks for Biometric Weight Manager (diet & exercise suite). My wife uses it religiously, and I really can't make her change now (impossible). I will have no choice but to buy the Classic Emulator for her! So, getting a free copy would be grand.
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    The one, if it could only be one, application i would have to have would be TCPMP - but I'm actually hoping the Pre will be able to play everything already. I thought of several others - Scrabble, mobileClock, PocketTunes - but I'm pretty sure they're all covered with the basic Pre software.

    I'll know for sure tomorrow...

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