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    I'll need to try and run SafeInHand from Jenies Technology. I hope the password protection cryptology algorithm (if any) continues to work on an emulated Treo.
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    Bejeweled and a variety of other games till we get some games on the Pre
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    Pda Net
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    Not sexy, but just because of that, I worry a simple multi-channel countdown timer won't be implemented right off the bat. I've been watching what I actually use day to day on my Treo, and turns out I use this little app several times each day, either in the lab or the kitchen.
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    TuSSH - though I don't use it frequently, when I need it, I'm usually stuck in the car or away from a computer with a server alert coming in via text message every 5 minutes.

    If I don't have that, I have to stop and find a WiFi connection (assuming I have my laptop with me) or find someone with a computer that will trust me enough to let me plug in my USB flash drive, and that I trust enough to plug my USB flash drive into their computer, so that I can run SSH and log into the ailing server.

    Sheesh, that scenario makes me break out into a cold sweat....

    I really need classic to get me through until palm gives developers enough access to get an ssh client going!
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    Butler will be very missed
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    and pda net
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    I would hace to say the sling player and tcpmp media player because those got me through a lot of boring waiting rooms.
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    I've been moving Rally 1000 from Treo to Treo to Treo (ultimately to Centro, though required a patch for color)

    I think the computer cheats on "brutal" but it's the best time waster I've ever found for a phone... Great for just a couple of minutes or for a prolonged wait.

    I expect to be killing time in line tomorrow playing it as well.
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    I am a monthly user of MinutesPlus. Makes spliting out my personal call minutes and business call minutes for corporate billing.

    Also SharkLinks is pretty handy. Turns a webpage into a App Icon.

    Pocket Quicken was good when I used Quicken on PC.
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    i wonder if that would actually work though....
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    TurboPasswords by Chapura has kept "my entire life" encrypted on my various Palm phones and on the 2 or 3 PC's I always sync with for a number of years. I don't know how I'll survive without it!

    eReader Pro by Palm Digital Media is an excellent ap I would be hard pressed to live without.

    Beyond Contacts by DataViz makes my Treo work like MS-Outlook, without the bugs and shortcomings that syncing with the standard Palm applications has. But since WebOS handles equivalent functions so differently, migrating this application might be difficult.

    mVoice by Motion Apps is a terrific voice / music / phone conversation recorder.

    UnitConvert by is very convenient.

    I hope at least some of the games like Handmark's Chess and Tetris will "be there"!


    P.S. Just make it emulate an X-box 360, PS3, Wii, or work with Windows Media Center! Is that too much to ask???
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    Laridian MyBible
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    SplashID, SplashPhoto, SplashTravel Pro, DayNotz, HandyShopper, PocketQuicken, Warfare Corp, Hellfire, HanDBase, eReader, PocketTunes, Resco Explorer, Resco Backup Pro, DOF Master, DocumentsToGo, Beyond Contacts, ScreenShot5, HealthFile Plus, PDACookbook Plus
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    I can not live without bestSales and without the Promoter Online. Are my tools for work. Without the PalmOS i can not work more.
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    pda net and BoM reader.
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    DateBk6 is my number 1 go-to program for just about anything. I use it for appointments, tasks and memos. I'd be lost without it.
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    Space Trader
    Diddlebug or BugMe type app
    YAUC (Yet Another Unit converter)
    Faire sans dire
    "To do without speaking"
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    Ants Tech - DataKeeper2 (holds my personal info in a database)
    Laridian MyBible

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