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    Quote Originally Posted by mykole View Post
    mSafe just in case the unthinkable happens and i lose my phone. Its nice to know i could lock it with a text message
    I think Palm provides a backup service and the possibility to remotely wipe out the device from internet (I guess it will be called my pre or something like that - you'll have to create an account with Palm before you can use the phone even) in case it is stolen/lost, so don't worry about that...
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    PocketDict or Beiks Japanese-English Dictionary I use it for work often it beats carrying my 700 page dictionary. Plus KeyShades.
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    Laridian MyBible
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    Beiks Bdicty dictionaries..
    for me dictionaries are useful to be handy in my device.
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    Agendus and TealAuto.
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    Can't live without Handyshopper! Works so much better than any task list or to do list.
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    Trying to decide which app I have to have on Classic really made me reflect on how valuable my little beat up Centro is to me! The ability to sync and keep updated my banking and budget on SplashMoney is a must for me. I'm buying a home and have to keep an eye out for savings SplashShopper is also one of my faves. I especially need for SM and SP to be on Classic at launch because I paid a lot for that app package and will be pi**ed if after only 3mos of use I can't use it anymore!
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    DateBk 6.1
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    There are so many really good applications for Palm. So many that proved very useful. But the one that sticks out in my mind is Genius from Hobbyist Software.
    I have to go home now...
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    Stock Manager :-)
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    Curious to see if works under the emulator
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    2day, callrec, and kinoma player 4ex
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    Never posted before-
    But I can't live without Agendus and Yatzee. I can't wait for the pre!!!
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    Several times a day, I use Ultrasoft's Checkbook to record transactions on my primary checking account. I am confident there will be a webOS-native version of a similar program fairly soon, but without Classic, I would literally be carrying my Pre *and* my Treo 755p around just for Ultrasoft Checkbook.

    Less critical but important is my Olive Tree Bible Reader -- the reader is free, but I have invested quite a bit of currency in premium books for it. It is already cross-platform (reader and library) across several platforms including iPhone, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile among others, and I *hope* they will bring a webOS native version by the end of the year, but I suspect it will depend on how viable they think the new platform will be.

    Oh... and here's one program I use occasionally that I have found *quite* useful, on more than on occasion in just the last couple of weeks - USB Modem, which allows me to use my Treo 755p as modem via Bluetooth DUN on my MacBook. I am 99.9999% certain *that* will *not* work under MotionApps Classic, however, so I will just be out of luck there until Sprint supports "phone as a modem" for Pre.

    And... I forgot about this one app I use *everyday* because it's so stable and works in the background that I've almost attributed its functionality as built into the Treo: CallBlock 2.0 from Wish Solutions, which allows me to use caller ID on incoming SMS and phone calls and assign custom actions based on the caller ID. In my case, I have a special VERY LOUD alarm that sounds when I get a particular SMS indicating a server failure at the office, to distinguish it from my regular SMS beep. This is another app I anticipate I will just not be able to use in Classic and I'm not even sure it can be written using the Mojo SDK, sadly.

    Last, and least only in that I use it probably only a dozen times in a year -- but when I do it's quite handy -- is pssh, an SSH client for Palm OS that allows me to connect to servers for work (or at home) and perform administrative tasks. I believe this *should* work under Classic, assuming data connections can be abstracted in a virtual machine?
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    Crossword Puzzles - Standalone Software Inc.
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    Several, but HanDBase would be on top.
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    Sol Free from Solebon Solitaire.

    Seriously, I play at least an hour a day!
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    Categories in calenders and in contacts, if thats not good enough monopoly! Spent so many hours on monopoly, will keep my treo 650 around just to play it!
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    i have not used a palm device in over 5 years, but i rember wasting the most time playing an adapted card game called mille bournes. i am hoping that i can find it on my home drive and resurrect it with the classic emulator.

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