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    Natara Bonsai
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    Quote Originally Posted by macdaddy View Post
    Forget about the pretentious Facebook's 'Mafia Wars'. Maximum respect to the O.G. Dope Wars!
    Yes. I can remember tapping on my Palm Pilot learning about economics!
    Playing Dope Wars on my Clie prepped me for the drug dealing mini-game in Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars.
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    The ability to have many shortcut definitions/macros at hand is invaluable!
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    I have to have PDANet because it allows for free tethering!!!
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    Woman Plus

    It's really for my wife, but knowing when her period is coming (so I can stay "late" at work) is a life saver!!! :-)
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    Pocket Tunes and Kinoma.

    I have many more but I use these two apps every day... plus how am I going to listen to your PalmCast with out them :-(
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    until an application comes out that can sync memos to the cloud, i'll need to run QuickMemo..i can have a local copy and email a copy to myself.
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    PocketLingo's American Heritage Dictionary bundled with Roget's II The New Thesaurus
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    Datebook 5
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    Perhaps the most important one (especially since I paid for it) is Scrabble. On my old Tungsten T3, it was fast even at the higher levels, and it had an enormous dictionary.

    Second would be a game called Dope Wars. Yes, there are others (I even found one for jailbroken Wiis!), but the original just has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about it. I suppose someone could reimplement it in javascript, but I don't remember what support it has for random numbers.

    Lastly, just for kicks, would be the Apple //e emulator. Partly because it has always been cool to have a //e in your pocket (though typing in graffiti was a bear). But a virtual Apple on a virtual Pilot on a Pre would have a certain geek thrill all its own.

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    I need my daily dose of Bejeweled, and Alchemy. Besides that i use Cryptopad on my current TX quite often!
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    mSafe just in case the unthinkable happens and i lose my phone. Its nice to know i could lock it with a text message
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    Here's a list of the software I pretty much depend on, hoping there will soon be alternatives on webOS:

    NoAlarms by Erwin Schomburg (free) - gives you a look into the alarm queue of your device, along with an option to select a timeslot to exclude alarms
    FileZ by nosleep software (free) - a powerful file browser plus memory usage and battery status and even more advanced functions I haven't used myself though
    PocketDoan by Joseph H. Stadolnik III. (free) - a "meditation timer" but for now I use it as a tea timer
    MetrO by P. Bernard (free) - a guide to "public transport systems worldwide (400 cities covered now)"
    2LaunchMe by MetaViewSoft ($15 w/ free trial) - I use it solely to map the Y key to Z on my Treo 680... (but it's also a command bar accessor, traffic counter, sub launcher, hotkey launcher)
    DbFixIt by Pimlico Software, Inc. ($12.95 w/ free trial) - helps keep the
    Mobipocket by (free) - an e-book reader, but I'm positive there'll be plenty or e-book readers for webOS to choose from, most probably there will be a version of Mobipocket as well
    Plucker by (free) - e-book reader I hope will continue to be developed even for webOS... (it's main purpose as an offline web browser I think will be lost with webOS devices but it still serves as a great alternative e-book reader)
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    I use my VNC over SSH solution nearly daily using Hitachi Japan's Micro-VNC with SSH. Or mVNC. I love it! (I just hope the capacitive screen works well with it.) Thanks MotionApps and!
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    Tide Tool


    Star Pilot
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    Datebk6 and TakePhone
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    I hope they release something like that for the Pre... I like me Nintendo games.
    Treo 650p --> Treo 755p --> Pre

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