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    Mars Needs Cows!!
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    Fitaly - but it probably won't port because it needs to be rethought for the capacitive screen

    DragonEdit - for coding and writing on the go (I prefer text editors to word processors)
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    KeyCaps 600

    Staples of the modern world.

    See you all Saturday morning in line!
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    Palmary Clock Wireless
    AI Roboform
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    Palm Treo 755p
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    mVoice for me.
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    I really loved Handy Shopper
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    and Bible With You, Greek.

    IBM Workpad-->Visor Deluxe-->Visor Platinum-->Treo 180-->Treo 300-->Treo 600-->Centro
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    Splash Money

    Documents To Go
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    Facebook is my favorite

    runners up: SplashPhoto, SplashShopper & SplashID (what would I do without my Splash stuff)???
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    GoupText (although it probably won't be supported)
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    Town Compass Data Viewer "Area Codes"

    and Natara's "DayNotez"
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    Aces Poker/Holdem Tournament Timer
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    Sling Player, Will Orb Work on either the classic or Pre?, Bible Reader by Olive Tree, Pocket Tunes. Cool Apps!
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    All three only apps that have ALWAYS been on my Treo(s).
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    Forget about the pretentious Facebook's 'Mafia Wars'. Maximum respect to the O.G. Dope Wars!
    Yes. I can remember tapping on my Palm Pilot learning about economics!
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    PocketMoney for Palm OS.

    When I switched from my Handspring and Clie to a Dell Axim, I really missed the sophistication of PocketMoney compared to the official M$ Money app. Granted, it was free of charge, but I never fathomed why they chose not to include a calculator within the app.

    However, since HotSync isn't in the Pre or Classic, it appears that I'm SOL. Dunno what I'm going to do to track my spending.

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