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    Definitely can't live without Epocrates!
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    I would say Pocket Quicken.
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    I'm nervous about not having the functionality that TreoSKey adds to my centro. On Classic I'll probably most frequently use PalmVNC though, given it works.
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    Smartlist to Go

    I've used this for over 5 years starting with my original Palm 3 almost daily to log miles and other misc things for my business.

    Close second would be Avantgo, but I stopped using that sometime ago when I switched to Mac for desktop interfacing.

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    Bhaji Loops!

    I fancy myself a musician when I'm not doing any computer sciencey things, and Bhaji Loops done well when I have the urge to compose a quick beat. It was like a little notepad for writing music. It was a tragic day when my Treo 700p decided to kill itself.
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    I use Agendus the most, but I could not do without Password Pro. There are just too many logins in my life to remember and with different security levels, I can't use the same thing everywhere. Now I never need worry about forgetting and I feel safe with the data.
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    I'd be seriously impressed if Motion App can make the Palm OS version of Garmin Mobile XT (GPS navigation software) run on the Pre via their emulator. If they can, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I use Mobile XT everyday on my Centro and I'm dreading loosing it when I move over to a Pre.
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    This is the best checklist creator and general organizer I've come across that works with the palm and has a great windows desktop equivalent that's effortless to hotsync. I use it EVERY day! In fact, I probably use this app 10 times more than any other palm app! It's about $35 or so and it's very intuitive to operate.
    Please, Please, Please... This is the primary reason that I even began looking at the Pre... I'll be in line on Saturday for the phone...

    Keep smiling,
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    it became mobileALARM

    Quote Originally Posted by t_boy_3 View Post
    SplashID and Bob's Alarm (did this become Treo Alarm?)
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    mybible, tomtom, slingplayer, mobile ts, usb modem, goodlink. I couldn't name just one as I use these all the time. My 755p is my swiss army knife. ;-)
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    Mobipocket eBook reader. I've used it on Palm and Windows Mobile to read over 200 eBooks, and I absolutely can't go without it!
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    I must have the Palm OS version of tasks. It is so simple, yet it allows me to organize my day everyday. I don't do calendars, just the tasks. I've been using them since my treo 500 and now I'm on my 4th phone in the series a centro. I don't miss my little pieces of paper I used to carry around at all. I've seen the emulater video of the WebOS tasks, but I'm not sure that it will be a good replacement. It only has 3 levels of priority instead of 5. Also, untill I use it I'm not sure just how well it will work for me. I've even considered getting the SDK and writing my own version of the original tasks. Anyway, until I get my pre, I'm thinking I'm going to need the classic to run my tasks.
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    Come on everyone should have Galaga. It should be on the Pre.
    Grace & Peace,

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