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    Quote Originally Posted by patcheng View Post
    Definitely Epocrates!! Both for work and personal use! Can't/Wont live without it!
    I can't believe it took 54 posts before epocrates was mentioned but since it is already listed I will throw in a different app:

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    Even with the native player on the Pre, I can't live without the PT auto bookmark features and jump buttons on the enhanced skin. I listen to hours of podcasts and audio books a day.
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    I second PocketTunes!
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    Ultrasoft money is the most useful app I have on my treo 700p... keeps the checkbook handy at all times
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    There's not an app I can't live without because I've been on WM for awhile now. However, I still miss the Palm OS PIM apps. I really love the new webOS PIM apps, but I hope they add in some more of the old functionality with updates.

    I would like to have this software though just to have access to the old catalog.
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    I would be half the man I am now without Mobile DB. I'm a small warehouse manager (I'm tall, the warehouse is small); I rely on mobile DB, it's perfect for me. I'm getting the Pre on Saturday morning, so I'll have to keep using my Centro for Mobile DB until I get "Classic" up and running.
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    Quicknews hands down. It auto downloads all my podcasts OTA each night at 2am ready to be listened to in the morning on the way to work.

    I sure hope that the Pre will have something native that will provide this functionality.
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    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    IliumSoft eWallet
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    best program for doctors!
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    I concur with the above... epocrates
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    SplashMoney & Planetarium
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    mobileCLOCK (formerly Bobs Alarm)

    App gives you time until the alarm. I love the feature, always told me how much sleep I would be getting!
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    Well since it doesn't have to be a palm app. How about using the camera as barcode scanner. Also how about an app that use the camera to take a business cards/magazine text, sends it to a server somewhere that convert it back to text and sends it back to you.

    bluetooth controller to control the ps3.

    How about using the GPS for location based settings/and notifications.
    -exmaple, set a coordinate at my house, once I'm within 100ft of my home, put the ringer on silence.
    -I'm near a store that I need to buy something it pops up a notification and reminds me.
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    EZQuote Estimator
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    Definitely Laridian MyBible, the Memos PIM app (I have too many sets of sermon notes, class notes, lists, and other stuff organized by _categories_), and Space Trader

    Guess I won't need Mini-Keyboard anymore :-(
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    I can't live without butler or splashid. Hopefully they'll make webOS versions soon enough...

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    Please port this to WebOS!
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    Close second - SnapperMail...Verichat would have made the list it if it was still around ...oh why did you kill it, Nokia?

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