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    Favorite Palm App is Bibe +
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    #382 many favorites, so little time to list!

    Number one would have to be SplashID...
    Way too many User Names and Passwords to remember and this app works flawlessly aside from being available on all sorts of platforms, the desktop companion helps.
    Couldn't live without this on my phone!
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    Treoalarm here also!!
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    I'm going to go with TreoAlarm as well.

    No other alarm program I've seen for for palmOS is as simple and reliable as TA. Every other one was either overpriced, bloated, or would allow the alarm to get blocked by things like text messages or notifications. I certainly hope there's a replacement for this in the App Store on launch day. Hint to developers... keep it simple and reliable, and don't make it more expensive than a real-life alarm clock! The only feature I'd add to TreoAlarm is a nap button that goes off 20-30 minutes from whenever you set it.

    pTunes was second on this list... I actually paid for the 5.0 upgrade even though I knew the Pre was coming and my Centro's days were numbered because I wanted that podcatching capability right on my phone.
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    Epocrates, SplashID
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    Ultrasoft Money
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    Salling Clicker (Makes your palm as Computer remote)
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    From most indispensible/used every day on down...:
    Messaging/SMS/text messages: even just to view my current 755p's text/chat history in Classic!
    Agendus Professional
    NV Backup
    Mundu IM
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    Was thinking maybe I'd have something new or unusual to add, but even my most obscure one, Cachemate, has already been mentioned (on the first page, no less!). Looking forward to it regardless!
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    Here's an update from MotionApps. There's a new video, and a slideshow of working apps. I think a lot of people will be happy. My sole request for HandyShopper is there!
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    My favorite app is the splash data suite... especially splash money and splash ID. I hope they have a palm pre app.
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    Butler... No doubt. Slingplayer is a close second.
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    iSecur - secure password storage with desktop application that can read the Palm Db file directly. At least there is always access from the desktop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtw57 View Post
    Dataviz - Smartlist to go
    Ditto! I'm a fan of Microsoft Access because it's one of the easiest ways to write your own applications. SmartList To Go is like a can even link tables, although it gets slower and slower. The speed kick provided by Classic on the Pre's OMAP 3430 would be welcome!

    In some list views, you can resize the columns by tapping on the 4 pixel long (1 pixel wide) divider between column headers...not always an easy feat. But if I can do it on my Treo 600 with severe digitizer drift, I'm willing to give it a go with my big fat fingertip...
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    Pocket Quicken
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    Tryda, formerly DirectoryAssistant.
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    My absolute favorite Palm app is PTunes. It organizes my songs and keeps me from having to carry a radio when I work (which is sometimes under houses). Basically, it gives me a lot of variety in a limited amount of space.

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