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    Mine would have to be TreoAlarm. Without this, I don't think I would be able to wake up, get to work & make enough money to buy a Pre! =D
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    I can hardly list just one. Checkbook.... Autobase.... and how can I live without Joust!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewel View Post
    Laridian MyBible
    You took mine

    I am definitely looking forward to see how Laridian MyBible 5 works in Classic specifically with some of the larger books that bring StyleTap to it's knees.

    P.S. - If you haven't visited the MotionApps site to tell them what apps you want the most (, do it sooner than later. It would be great for the Laridian team (and others) to get some hands on time or to have their app tested before the Pre is out.

    App that I think may have problems working - TealOS unless we can have a nice case of irony.
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    Kyocera 6135 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700p
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    Oh, and ditto on Wordsmith, although it will really need an external keyboard to work to its capabilities. {ProfJonathan}
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    My favorite POS title??........Kinoma window to the world of media!!!

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    wifight, one of the real highpoints of Palm programming, even now still being constantly upgraded, and also, still free

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    All Wakefield soft apps - BookBag, Healthfile Plus, etc
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    PalmVNC!!! I really hope a webOS version will be created soon but I definitely wouldn't mind using it on Classic App. Logmein would be cool too (but there's no PalmOS app for it).

    I also use PdaNet a lot, but I have a feeling that won't work with Classic
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    iSilo and Kinoma. I really hope they both work. I use them ALL the time
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    Supra ekey software, as I'm a REALTOR and we use this many times every day for our business (sadly I doubt the MotionApps Classic will allow it to work) and Slingplayer.
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    i keep seeing it being mentioned, but not as a native app..... DOCS TO GO
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    Without PDAReach I'd get carpel tunnel. I doubt it'll work on classic though.
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    Natara Bonsai! I manage my daily time management system (based on GTD) using Bonsai. There are a lot of other apps that I depend on, but most will have replacements on WebOS. While they won't be identical, they should meet my needs. But time management is the one area where I don't want to change a single part of how I accomplish that task.
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    I've been hooked on Picture Logic for years.
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    LittleJohn Palm (LJP) emulator.
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