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    My absolute favorite was poor, poor Vindigo, which is no more... Instant access to restaurant info, categories, reviews, notes, movie times, music, etc. was unbeatable, and Google Maps doesn't even come close.

    Vindigo and Splash Money were the only things keeping me on Palm OS, but then I accidentally wiped out my Splash Money DB (4+ years' worth) and my backups, so I'm a free agent now. :-P
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    I don't have a Palm, but two apps that are important for me are Cisco VPN client and VNC client. (I'm guessing that using a VPN client in the Classic emulator wouldn't be that useful since native apps wouldn't be able to make use of it?)
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    Documents To Go
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    Another vote for TreoAlarm - even thought the weather stopped working ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q View Post
    ChatterEmail. Hoping someone develops a WebOS equivalent, since Marc Blank won't be doing it. (Check the discussion on other threads if you haven't seen that yet.)

    And I'm surprised that, on page 8, I'm the first to mention it as my app of choice!
    Of course it is the numero uno app now - The built-in Pre client will support IMAP - I'm assuming it won't be needed. I'm also hoping Marc was hired onto Palm for that very reason ...

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    splash I'd hands down. also 5 way button... a little worried about that... not software but just sayin...
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    1. Java, i.e. IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine (whew!). I have a couple MIDlets I wrote myself which I'd like to continue using.
    2. 9.95 FUEL. I use it to track the gas mileage in my car.
    3. All my Astraware PopCap games
      • Bejeweled
      • Zuma
      • Alchemy
      • Atomica
      • Insaniquarium
      • Mummy Maze
      • Seven Seas
    4. eReader
    5. PocketTunes for my Rhapsody-to-go DRM tracks
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    Slingplayer and Tom tom Navigator
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    I loved my tcpip calculator. After my PalmIIIx died I switched to a pocket pc and lost ALL of my Palm apps that were either shareware or purchased. I refused to re-purchase them again and suffered through the whole process. Others: Teal Docs, Pocket Quicken, Many Novell and NT utilities and many other network utilities that I had.
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    USBModem in bluetooth mode, can I say that?

    And of course handyshopper, unless there's already a webos version.

    If I were a betting man I'd bet that Chatteremail does not work. I'd also bet that Blazer (at least the version on Sprint phones) won't work, since it only networks through the cellular connection. Hope the latter is not missed...
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    since I can only say that one is my favorite I think I would have to put the built in Messaging app over PocketTunes, BEIKS Dictionary, LightWav, Audible, Facebook, Quickipedia, and even DataViz Documents.

    oh well
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    My games: Scrabble, Bejewled, BlockBuster
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    MobiPocket with support from for downloading and reading free library books
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    Laridian My Bible, TextTwist, Slingplayer, WHATword, Word Mojo and Zuma
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    Scrabble, Bejewled, BlockBuster!
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    QmobilSoft's CallRec, the ability to record our conversations for quality-control purposes in our business.
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    P-Jongg -- my favorite game!
    Scrabble -- 2nd favorite game.
    Diet & Exercise Assistant -- terrific tracker & built-in info.
    Acrobat Reader.
    Docs To Go.

    I also want everything to port easily and flawlessly from the standard Address, Memo Pad, and Date Book to the Pre. I have many years of collected info in these places that I really want to move to the Pre immediately and sans bugs. Will this be possible?
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    I gotta have Excel spread sheets, totally executable, no "viewing only" stuff - so "Documents To Go" or something like that is a biggie
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    ShadowPlan and TopSecret!

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