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    TreoAlarm remains something I have yet to find a substitute for.

    Great to see and check out what others find essential.
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    It is basically my checkbook and credit card transaction keeper....I catagorize and keep track of my budget there....I hope they eventually come out with a WEB OS version
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    SplashID or DateBk6
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    Butler & snoozy
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    SplashID for the win.
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    Splash ID
    Visor --> Visor Platinum --> Treo 300 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650 --> Treo 700p --> Treo 755p --> Treo 800w --> Palm Pre
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    Laridian MyBible
    CalorieKing Diet Diary
    CallRec - doubt this will work on Classic, but hope someone writes a similar app for native Pre
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    Moepaint 1.1

    Unfortunately without a stylus you wont be able to work images very well.

    I love being able to take pictures on my Treo, using Pruss' screendump DA to make it into a .bmp, then finding whatever background or pictures online and put my friends and family in different scenary by using multiple layers and blending.

    Speaking of which, DA launcher and all my DA's will be missed
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    RPN Calculator
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    MarkMyScriptures, A+ Student Organizer
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    Bike or Die!
    Noah Pro
    Novii Remote
    Power Hero
    "The service on my iPhone is so bad I'm thinking of calling it my AOL phone." -- Jim Gaffigan

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    Laridian MyBible and then SplashID
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    Docs to go (the one i already own)
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    definitely Bejewled!
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    Dataviz - Smartlist to go
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    SlingPlayer to hold me over until a native version comes out!
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    Airline Pilot's Daily Logbook (APDL)

    It's an essential tool for airline pilots logging their flight time and keeping track of their work schedule. It's invaluable and I really hope it works with the new Palm Pre classic!
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    I'm a fan of ZDoomZ (and created a modified version myself) and LJP emulator.

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