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    I have to say that I love playing Bejewled...that is the app I want to see. :-)
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    Datebk 5 and HandyShopper
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    Agendus Pro
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    Palmary Clock
    Clean Start
    Resco Explorer
    PDA Reach

    Most likely in that order if I had to order them. But they are all number one in my book!

    The other can't live without software will be obsolete once WebOS enters the picture.
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    I use S.T.R.I.P (Secure Tool For Remembering Important Passwords) on a daily basis. Athletix for tracking my workouts. Brewculator for tweaking homebrew beer recipes. eReader and Mobipocket. The Prison and Space Trader for games.

    All of these are ones I'd miss until a webOS version came along. I know The Prison is no longer being developed and the author seems to have fallen off the face of the earth so I'd need classic indefinitely for that one.
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    Giraffe would not be possible w/ WebOS... well, i suppose it would, but not using graffiti. You'll have to excuse me, I've not used a Palm since the IIIc- but that is about to change!
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    ePocrates Essential is essential for me!
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    USB Modem.

    I travel alot and tend to have long layovers in the airports. One of the most fantastic things about my Centro is being able to use the USB Modem application to have a full notebook browsing experience while I wait.

    If USB Modem can work through Classic - that would be awesome!
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    IMHO the killer app for the Palm OS is Chattermail. Why this push email program isn't better known is a complete mystery to me. For a one time $39.95 cost and an unlimited data plan, it is THE handheld email device. It synchs with my Outlook and even puts a copy of email sent for my Treo into the sent folder of my Outlook. I can monitor and reply to my email "business" and personal from a single summary listing that is color coded by source.
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    Splashmoney for me. Haven't kept a paper check register forever.
    Using Palm Pre on Sprint
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    When I'm being good, or trying to be good, I find wwcalc, the Weight Watcher's journaling, food database, and Points calculator program to be my must-have.

    The gentleman that developed it had, at one time, a site up showing his efforts to give the program, free, to WW and WW's cease and desist letters. At the time I found it, he no longer had it on his site, but it was (and still is) out there if you look in the right places.

    I use it all day long, its the app I set for my side quick launch button and has been across several phones. I would like to thank that guy, definitely.
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    Top applications, in order:
    Splash Id,
    Tom Tom Navigator (would need bluetooth support),
    Littlejohn Emulator,
    Warfare Inc.,
    Ancient Red (doesn't work on Treo 700, but there's always hope),
    Midway Arcade Classics.
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism/Digital Link->Treo 650->Treo 700p->Pre->GSM Unlocked Pre 2 (wifi only)->FrankenPre + Touchpad 32 ->+ Touchpad 4G ATT + ATT Pre3 + 64 White Touchpad... bliss.
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    My favorite app would be Omnituner and any kind of recording app.
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    The one that I'm most concerned about is the Synthesis SyncML client. It's the one absolute must piece of software installed on my 700p, and the one thing that could prevent me from upgrading to a Pre.
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    ClearSync, although I doubt it will work even in Classic because it relies on the standard Palm OS calendar app databases.
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    for me its the on demand application simply in love
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    Palm Treo 755p with 2GB SanDisk microSD, Launcher X
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    I could not live without DateBk 6. CESD himself says he is working on making sure that Classic will do the trick.

    I love Taber's Medical Dictionary and ePocrates too.
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    Space trader.

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