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    I love Pocket Tunes Deluxe!
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    I'd have to say that the program I use most that will not immediately have replicated functionality on the Pre is Rally 1000, a freeware Mille Borne clone.

    Great way to kill a few minutes without getting sucked into a long game!
    "If you think a weakness can be turned into a strength, I hate to tell you this, but that's another weakness." - Jack Handey
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    handyshopper - bar none!
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    Butler and Pocket Quicken
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    Splash Shopper
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magggus View Post

    And Magggus, you may be heartened to know I sent Andreas an email asking about whether they intended to port to WebOS, and was told:

    "yes, we're currently looking into developing for webOS. I can't say
    for sure until we have a real device in our hands, but we're definitly
    taking it serious..."
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    My favorite palm classic app has to be Sling Player Mobile!!! It rocks when you just can't be at home in front of your TV.

    John H.
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    Handy Shopper
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoAmI View Post
    I'm a huge fan of SplashID!
    Ditto for Splash ID, but how the heck can we sync it with our desktop?
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    I can't live without my Epocrates RX.
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    Ringo is the best mp3 ringtone player for palmos
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    AudibleAir/Audible Player

    From, to download a large Library Selection of Books and to listen to the WSJ "Wall Street Morning Read" every morning before I get out of bed.

    I will not upgrade from my Centro until I have confirmation that I can activate my Audible Membership on the Pre either thru Classic or a new App on the Pre!
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    Definitely Bike or Die. It was recommended by a bunch of people on Treocentral's forums and I didn't like it at first but now I've played that thing more than any other game I've ever played
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    Dragonedit. So that I can code on the go.
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    My Fav is HanDBase by DDHSoftware
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    Agendus, Pocket Tunes, and SplashID
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    I stream many podcasts (including the PalmCast) via Kinoma Player. I havent tried the new PocketTunes for streaming podcasts. Holding out for a Pre version...or the Classic app this post is going to win me!!

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