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    *devilish grin* Dope Wars!!!
    MoBill - Use your account to bill your customers with your webOS device!!
    MoJack - Track your lost or stolen webOS device from anywhere!
    Time to get VIRAL
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    I'd have to say DateBK6
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    This is a great question and the answers are good too. Rather than respond with applications that like others, have made me stay with my Treo rather than switch to the iPhone -- a real spreadsheet and word processor such as DataViz' documents to go, Agendus ability to tailor my calendar and contacts to my preferred views, or even the Missing Sync's ability to synch what I want by bluetooth when I want to synch photos, notes, spreadsheets, contacts, etc. I will be the only person who touts TargetPlot™.

    My son is an archer. Tracking his tournaments was a pain in the Patoot until I found this program. I can now use it to see patterns developing with his arrows long before his coaches which helps him adjust sights more quickly. We can review tournaments, where things worked or did not. TargetPlot is still only available on WindowsMobile or the soon to be old Palm.

    If I win the copy of Classic, that is the one program I am sure to move over because it is the only great program that will be available only in Classic. Are there so many archers that Targetplot™ became a household name? Obviously not. But these are the type of specialty programs that Classic will save, helping to preserve the sanity of users like me.

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    Kalk - RPN Calculator (rpn=reverse polish notation)
    Convert-It - Unit Conversion Calculator
    TomTom Navigator
    Palm Pilot Professional --> TRGPro --> Treo 650 --> Centro (AT&T) + 4 Pixis on Sprint Family Plan
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    KeySuite by Chapura
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    Butler FTW.
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    Songbook, which displayed guitar chord charts on your Palm, was GREAT. I always wished they'd have ported that to the desktop it was so good.

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    The two most used apps on my Treo 700p are Ultrasoft Money and Electronhut's Klondike Solitaire. I am sure that both will run under Classic, but I really hope there is some form of hotsync to keep Money synchronized with my desktop.
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    Slingbox,Kinoma, loan calculator.
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    - I.C.E.
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    Pimlico Datebk6 !!!!!!
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