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    Resco Explorer
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    Zagat To Go

    ZAGAT TO GO: Home
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    Noah Pro
    Minutes Plus
    IBM Java
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    YAUC (it is with me since the beginning)

    And I fear that a file explorer like Resco Explorer, with alle the great functions it has, will not be possible on webOS (at least not with the currently envisaged SDK).
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    The PalmOS app that I can't live without is Slingplayer Mobile. I never have to miss any of my shows or playoff games when I am on the road. It's the only reason I'm hesitant to get a Pre at launch, because I would miss it too much. It took 2 yrs for a crippled iPhone client to appear, and I don't have much hope for a WebOS client being released during an initial Pre 2 yr contract. If Classic could run Slingplayer Mobile, it would be an easy switch.
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    RDM+ for remote Desktop computing
    Come Glide with Us

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    AutoBase has been on my Palm since my Treo 650. It's the only application I have that tracks my car maintenance and gas mileage. It's a really old app, but it's my favorite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by migs View Post
    One word..(or app) Win-hand

    If this could be done on Classic, it will open up lots of possibilities. If you dont know what it is, look it up it's amazing!

    I second win-hand! I can't wait to see how fast it works on Sprint instead of my current AT&T. If there is one app I can't live without, it's win-hand
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    I use SplashID all of the time. I cannot imagine not having it!
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    Pimlico's DateBook software is the BEST! I have used it over many years. I can not image using ANYTHING else. Until I heard that there would be a way to still use this vital program, but still upgrade to Palm's new OS; I wasn't interested. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Palm when it comes out.
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    Epocrates throughout the workday
    HandDBase for tracking my nursing home visits
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    I've been waiting a LONG time to be able to combine my 3 devices into 1 and it looks like the PRE is that answer.

    I have used Time to Time by Tom Thumb Software for longer than I can remember to track my time working with clients (computer consultant) which is Hot Synced to Quick Books Pro for EASY invoicing.

    A Great App!
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    Bejeweled 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    What is your favorite PalmOS app that you can't live without, Pre or no Pre. If there's an app that you don't think will even be possible with the webOS SDK but will work under Classic, we'd be interested in hearing about that too.

    On the day the Pre gets released and Classic is available, we'll choose randomly from amongst all the posters in this thread.

    Thanks to MotionApps!
    I All In Fit Waiting 4 Palm Pre... I Had The Pleasure Of Holding Someone's Treo Pro 4 About A Week... I Couldn't Live With Out Word, Excel Was Off Of The Chain... I Know We Can't Wait For Speed We Always Want More... It Helped Alot 2 Be Able Bring All Of My Documents With Me...

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    LJP for sure.
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    I'm a sling gurl...gotta have it to keep up with the Bosox on the go!

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