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    Pocket-Tunes for me. It is my Pandora. It is my iTunes. It was my friend. : (
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    Minibar and Wine Enthusiast Guide.
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    somethin like wmwifirouter
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    the plain old appointments calendar. WinMo sucks!
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    don't know if cesd has plans to port to webos, or if it's even possible with the current sdk.

    hopefully it'll run in classic mode, but that's a (very) limited stopgap.
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    • ChatterEmail: Until I see how much of it's great features Palm built into the WebOS native email application
    • SplashID: But it won't do me much good if I can't keep it sync'd with my desktop
    • PalmVNC would also be handy.
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    Agendus Professional. MegaClock. eWallet or similar.
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    Directory assistant is one of my most important apps, the Pre may have something like that itself.

    Other than that the next one is Treo Alarm, still the best alarm program (love the big snooze button) even without the weather
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    I use a lot of medical apps (especially MerckMedicus Mobile) at work and will be lost without them
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    Ultrasoft Datashield or Ultrasoft Money. Great apps!
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    CalorieKing Diet Diary & Food Database
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    I can't live without WWCalc. It will never be ported to WebOS because the developer has halted further support pursuant to legal threats from Weight Watchers Inc. In fact, the original developer seams to have completely disappeared.

    There is just no equivalent that I have been able to find with comparable ease of use or breadth of available food databases.
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    Pocket Express
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    Bible Reader by Olive Tree
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    I need PasswordsPlus. I use it several times a day.
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    Butler, was my first to turn off that annoying LED at night, don't know what annoyances the pre may have. Also for alarms, etc.

    My treo is docked when I'm at my desk which is most of the time so PDAreach is terriffic, I really want something like that on the pre.
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    Try DA
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    gotta have my ptunes
    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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    Airline Pilot Daily logbook pro

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