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    It's going to take some time. Here is the current distribution of smartphones among health care professionals according to Survey Results: Which Smartphone Will Own the Healthcare Market?

    Epocrates currently supports Palm OS, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile so this almost perfectly fits the smartphones used by physicians in this survey. The thing is, the orange "Other" bar is almost certainly Palm OS so one has to wonder how long that one is going to last and where those users are going to move to in the next year or so. There's somewhat of a chicken-and-the-egg issue, here, since how many of these physician users are going to migrate from a platform that currently is supported by Epocrates to one that isn't. Will prospective Pre users be satisfied using Classic for the time being?

    Something that the Pre may have going for it is that a lot of the Windows Mobile users are probably Palm users of Treos and Centros who will be looking for a device with a physical keyboard. Probably the biggest factor that caused the switch, among physicians, to the iPhone over the past couple of years has been screen size. Physicians tend to have data-intensive applications and Palm actually shrunk the screen size on all of their smartphones over the years.
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    I think the Pre has an awesome platform for medical professionals. I can see myself looking something up in a card while transcribing a patient history. We multi task a lot and needs a phone that can keep up!
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    I am a psychiatrist and have been using Epocrates pretty much since it came out. I use it on my Palm TX. It dawned on me that I could access it on my Pre via the Internet until a native application is available. The same thing with Medscape which I use for free CMEs and Medline searches. My communication with staff has improved significantly since I get the email notification and can respond immediately rather than going through voicemail hell.

    I'm loving my Pre!!!!

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    there is a new Epocrates version out today?the main differences i assume have to be that they updated the drugs as well as the subclassifications of the drugs also.
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    Yup a new version, I guess the database has been updated. Wish they had an OTA update for the db rather than the whole program itself/
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Yup a new version, I guess the database has been updated. Wish they had an OTA update for the db rather than the whole program itself/
    Agree, is the current ePocrates still considered a beta?

    Really miss being able to auto-update and get the DocAlerts, etc. Thought those were going to be added to the webOS version eventually, but haven't heard anything at all.
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    I don't think its still in beta as it is in version 1.02 and is a stable bug free (as far as I can tell) app.
    It could do with more features like Docalert as you pointed out. At least with this latest update it seems Epocrates is continuing to work on the WebOS version
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