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    Being thinking about this for a while don't know how you other pre lovers feel about this.But what about a gift card for purchasing apps in the new palm app catalog,as i said i have being thinking about this and not everyone including myself like to make credit card purchases on line.What about people who have bad credit or don't have access to a credit card, i think it would only make sense to have a pre gift card style minimum 10.00 &100.00 max so you can make those pre app lovely purchases and have it on your device.I would really like to hear your comments on this and thanks for reading.............. On a side note i don,t know does palm currently have gift cards thanks again.....
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    There's always paypal. They could allow you to draw from your paypal account which could draw from your bank account.
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    Eh...just get it from the credit card. If you don't have one, you will probably have to pay a deposit to get your hands on a Pre.
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    I listened to Steve Wildstrom's Businessweek Technology podcast the other day. Topic was the Blackberry App Store. He is very clear that paypal is not the way to pay for apps on a mobile device. It is not integrated and takes you to their site, making the process excruciatingly slow.
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    Not as a form of payment per transaction. More like keeping a balance in the app store account, say $10-20. When you buy an app, your balance goes down. You could set a minimum amount and auto replenish when it hits that level. It's just a way of prepayment for those with credit issues. Or a way to keep buying apps under control.

    The other thing is to just use a visa check card that works like a visa but is a debit card. Think anyone can get one associated with their checking account.
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    I would say you could use a debit card. Most of them work as credit cards now. Just look for the visa or mastercard symbol.

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