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    Does anyone know if
    (1) IMAP Idle is supported? How about IDLE on subfolders with notifications?
    (2) EAS Direct Push supports subfolders and notifications on subfolders ?

    Basically, I like many use exchange and server-side rules. Chatter was great for this. WM not so good (even with watchflag, Flexmail etc.)

    What do people know? Thanks
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    I am not sure about 1 but for #2 I know at least on the iPhone it gets subfolders and has numbers for the amount of email so I think it is supported.
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    As far as I know, iPhone doesn't support notifications on subfolders so if you have server-side rules that dump emails into subfolders, iPhone won't notify you (you have to MANUALLY check the subfolder) which makes it near worthless as a corporate email device.

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