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    Palm's app store will provide a single place for apps to be purchased and/or downloaded.

    There is no need for many preinstalled 3rd party apps with an app store available.

    The question is, will trial periods exisit in the Pre's app store?

    Apple's store do not offer trial periods. They have warnware (read reviews before you buy) or free (crippled) versions of the app as teasers to get you to buy the full version.

    Will we have our 15 to 30 day trial periods or has the Apple store's success cause this to be no longer required?

    Carl W. Brooks
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    I would guess you have to buy it. Apple has nailed this. Too many studies out there suggesting people get apps and then fail to use them later ( i could see many never going beyond a trial). It also has to do with pricing. You tend to want a trial if something is very costly.

    What else do i dislike about trials? Oh yeah. Registration codes and being tied to unique hotsync names. I had to have an excel sheet just to keep all of this organized with my old palm stuff.

    With Apple, none of this is required. In addition, you can update apps with ease and notified if an update is out there. I'd like to see that notification. Even if an update costs something extra.
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    Palm's hinted that there actually will be trial versions available in their store, but nothing for certain yet that i know of.
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    Unlike apple, Palm is letting you sideload apps, so you can download a trial from the developers webpage and try it out that way if there isn't a trial made available on the Palms Catalog.

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