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    ok guys. it's been 9 months. where are we?

    1. did we ever get a remote desktop to work WELL with the pre?
    2. is there anything from log me in or anyone else that is going to be released soon?

    i got a chance to get the pre cheep, but wont/can't get it unless i can remote in to pc's

    thanks, cody
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    Hi All,

    I am using Classic on the Pre and MobileTS by DDHSoftware and it's working mighty fine! I can set screen res via Global Settings in the app, pan around and everything.

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    Elusiva is releasing a free RDP 6.1 client for webOS at the end of 2010. It supports newer RDP features including RemoteApp - the ability to publish applications.
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    The remote access app I use called Teamviewer has released an iOS app and has said that they 'may' explore webOS, just the demand is questionable..... It's VERY similar to logmein, but in my opinion, better and best of all FREE.

    TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

    check it out all and email them for webOS support
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    There is at least two native VNC client for WebOS :
    www webos-internals org/wiki/VNC_(Virtual_Network_Computing)
    (add the points inplace of spaces since I can't post with link yet)
    For system administration though, the ssh client available via preware (OpenSSH) is just what you need.

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