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    This may be a stupid question, however SlingPlayer supports Palm OS...
    Being that the Pre has it's own WebOS will I be able to use my SlingPlayer on it????
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    Unknown if Sling is developing an application at this time.

    They weren't listed as a partner, so I would venture out and say that they probably do not have access to the SDK as of yet. I am simply taking this as mere speculation due to Styletap themselves not having access to the SDK.
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    i sure as hell hope they are on board. i use my slingbox ALL the time....
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    if the pandora stuff is correct about it only taking them a few days to get a pre app done for pandora i would imagine sling could get something done pretty quickly as well.

    i dont have a sling yet but was planning on getting one soon so this app would be crucial for me to get a pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by though View Post
    i sure as hell hope they are on board. i use my slingbox ALL the time....
    AMEN to that
    "Bite the hand that feeds you,.......They'll always be impressed by the sharpness of your teeth."-Peggy Sellers (Miriam Margolyes)
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    Take it for what it is worth, but you can currently watch your slingbox as well as full series episodes from the major networks via without having to have the slingplayer sofware on the pc. It is all done through your web browser. I would imagine that there will definately be the ability to watch our slingboxes with the pre, and POSSIBLY not even have to buy software to do it. I am sure either way that Sling Media will develop the software for the Pre.
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    The problem with is it requires an OS specific plugin for live viewing of the slingbox(and the other videos require flash).

    It is hopefully possible(although I doubt it) that the Safari plugin for the Mac OS that is supposed tobe done soon could be easily ported since they are both webkit.
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    Like I said, take it for what its worth. I know it will not just play in the form as it is now, but they are pushing the web side of things also. Hopefully the Pre will handle flash with no problem by release date. I personally believe they will have us covered, especially if the Pre does indeed sell like expected to.
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    This is the major issue with the Pre for my usage. It might be a long time to never for Sling to be on the Pre. Iphone doesnt even have it yet and may never. and 800W user have waited forever for a version for them that works.

    Apple still will not allow Sling to make it for the iphone and we have no clue if Palm will allow them to make one for the Pre. While it pains me to say I think all Pre buyers need to understand that there probally will not be Sling Player avaliable for the Pre for the forseable future. It doesnt matter if Sling wants to make it for the Pre , they will not unless Palm accepts them into the developers program. Thats why they will not release the version that they have for the Iphone. there is one in beta that got leaked out but Sling will not illegally put it out there no matter how much the Iphoners beg. Sucks. So far my only PRE drawback as I love and use Slingplayer on my Palm/Windows phones more than anything.

    If and when sling gets the SDK it roughly will be like year to get the thing out. They havent started working on a verison for Android yet. Dont get the pre if you cant live without Sling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hova View Post
    AMEN to that
    Double AMEN!
    I had to take my daughter to a b-day party and I got to watch the end of the Syracuse-ND game on my Treo with my Slingbox.
    I can't see Sling not coming out with a player for Web OS.
    It may take a year and it will be tough to wait but it will be worth it.
    And if you could use on the Pre, that could be a decent alternative.
    I would keep tabs on

    for developments.
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    Again folks its not up to SLing. We need to bother Palm to get them to give Sling the SDK otherwise they will never do it. Im not sure how to let palm know what developers we want to get access to but there got to be a way i hope. anyone got an email for that. it might be 2 years down the road but I just want some hope. And yes in reality might be the sooner method for us who buy the pre.
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    Having talked with the folks at Sling at CES in 2007, it was pretty clear then that they have an excellent relationship with Palm. I am not saying that the same absolutely holds true today, but I would venture to guess that you will see a SlingPlayer for WebOS quite soon after the device is launched. Look at the platform support now...

    Mac OS X
    Windows Mobile
    Palm OS
    iPhone - coming soon

    I think it will be forthcoming, probably for Android too.
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    Do you realize how long it takes for sling to release these things> i am a beta tester with Sling. I tested the Palm and Windows Sling (and testing some other stuff they just gave me) and it took them more than a year of testing to get the Palm OS one out after testing etc and the Iphone verison has been "coming Soon" for over a year. Im as optomistic as the next guy but again let me repeat do not get a pre with the hope of sling for atleast a year . Im going back and forth with this . Can i live without Sling on my phone . Its a tough decision. I just dont know. Its one of the reasons I got rid of the 800W. I missed Sling. Gonna be a tough one for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjlowe View Post
    I am not saying that the same absolutely holds true today, but I would venture to guess that you will see a SlingPlayer for WebOS quite soon after the device is launched.
    If you really think that, then you don't know how the Sling developers work at all. They are very slow at releasing new products and updates. Even if there is going to be a pre version (I have my doubts), it won't be for a long time.
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    I do think that. They do indeed take their time to make sure the product is stable and works properly. that being said, there are two reasons why I think this is the case:

    1) The Echostar purchase is complete and the delays that we saw in products such as SlingCatcher and SlingPlayer Mobile for BB and Symbian were in part due to that change and the reorganization of resources.

    2) Developing native code for all of those platforms was more time consuming and difficult than developing an application in the web standard languages of the WebOS.

    As for dumping the 800w VaccPalm...they have that client out now, and although the Windows Mobile version before did not work properly at 320x320, it did work well enough to use in a pinch. They likely didn't get to it right away because they were trying to get those other projects off the ground.

    Look, I am not trying to make excuses for Sling, or argue with people on this thread. I am just expressing my opinion that we will see a SlingPlayer Mobile for WebOS within a few months of the Pre's release. I definitely could be wrong, but it's just what I think.
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    Wasnt arguing with ya , I also was just giving my opinion with some facts. and Im glad that a final copy of Sling is avaliable for 800W (terriffic for 800W users, I hated the tiny screen) but as I explained in my post it means nothing that we or Sling wants to put out a copy for the PRE , Sling cant just make a app for this device like they could with the Palm OS . they cant unless palm includes them in the developers and palm has not so we know that for a fact. ANd if in a few months they let sling in , your looking at a year atleast for testing and development. There probally less than a 10% chance you see sling app for the pre in a year . And believe me I am a huge sling user so it pains me to admit that there will probally not be a sling for pre. just sucks. I am not trying to get nayone down but I just dont want anyone who reads this thread to purchase a pre and then in 2 months say "wheres my Sling" , I purchased this thinking theere would be a Sling out soon. Again I for one would be thrilled to be incorrect and there be a sling for the Pre in 4-6 months . Very glad.

    Again this is my big debate I have , my only issue switching from the touch pro to the Pre. If it wasnt that I hate Windows Mobile I would stick with Pro but I cant stand WM.
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    I would love to upgrade to the Pre. However, I consider the SlingPlayer the most important application I have on my Treo. I may consider an early purchase of the Pre but it's probably not going to happen. It's a shame because I'd love to get rid of my Treo.

    After perusing the Sling Forums I was disheartened to learn that a SlingPlayer for the Pre is not even in the plans yet. Not to dull the optimism but that is precisely what Sling seems to want to do:

    In brief, Palm has failed many times. It's not guaranteed to sell many units. It's teamed with Sprint which is fading. They haven't really done much on Android yet- which takes precedence. Until Palm proves they can:

    1) Sell a lot of phones
    2) Come out with multiple phones that use the OS
    3) Roll out on other networks,
    and Android SlingPlayer is finished,

    they won't even begin development on a player for the Pre. This doesn't sound good and seems that even 6 months after the Pre release would be overly optimistic.

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    Yup, and historically MegaZone has been extremely honest about these situations. Honestly, I expect the that a least a couple million WebOS phones are going to need to be sold before they start development. They also won't be starting development until after Androids is done. I think we're looking at 1 year minimum.
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    While at Macworld the other day, I talked to a few of the engineers and sales guys, and only one of them wasn't a total *****! I was really excited about the company and had done all the research into getting one of these slingboxes, but then with those guys attitude towards customers, towards development, towards the Palm Pre.... even their pretentious attitude about the iphone was enough to turn any potential customer off! One guy was cool and showing the unit and demoing, all the others were flirting with the other booth babes, etc.

    When I asked one guy about the Palm Pre, he went on and on about how many friends he has at palm and how they party together... but the guy had no clue what the Pre was... LOL! yeah... sure... as if he really knows ANYONE at palm!

    Then also their entire executive and founders were just outed from the company, so it appears that the company seems like they are losing their focus... dont bet on getting a Pre player or software any time soon!
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    One option may be to use a plug-in similar to the Mozila plug-in that Sling is testing at It may not work on the Pre's browser, but there is always hope...
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