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    I was recently wondering about the App Store and how it's going to be executed.. Apple has done a Great Job, Andriod i think has dropped the ball taking to long.. Free apps are great and All... but a few dollars motivates!

    Android has a "Free" mentality around it but the fact is ALOT of people would like to see something, even small, in return for their work and hours spent.

    I would love to write some apps for this phone but eventually would like to make a dollar or two per download. How soon will App Store be up and running? And how will it be structured? Paid for Apps are a HUGE success on iPhone and also generate some money for Apple in return. A small cut for Palm doesn't bother me as long as they have the gateway for people to easily purchase. I don't know.. just thinking out loud.
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    I'd bet the App Store will be there at launch.

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