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    I've been hearing a weird fizzy noise from the TS - I wondered if it was a dodgy connection and maybe it was arcing inside.

    Just today there was a louder, squidgy noise - like the innards were turning to goo.

    Charging works fine - except for the occasional repeating alerts at 100% - an old problem.

    I pulled the plug out of the back, but there is still the occasional noise.

    I recently changed the piece of furniture it sits on. It's a harder surface. Could this actually be the sound of the base sticking to the surface?

    Sometimes when I make a hot drink in a freshly rinsed mug, there's a weird noise. The wet mug has formed a seal to the surface, but the air trapped under the base is heated and expands to escape - making a noise.

    Has anyone ever noticed squidgy noises form their TS? Is my one broken or just making 'sticking noises'?
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    Dude. You obviously have what is known as "dog hearing".

    So unfortunately none of us know what you're talking about. But our dogs do.

    Dog doo. Heh

    Just kidding around, but I'm sorry I've never heard any noise from my TS, which I've spent many many nights up all night in absolute silence, with it only inches from my head. So idk. Good luck.
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    Ooh! Spookeee!

    (Oh.. sorry, I thought you said: "Weird noises from TOMBstone"!)

    Mine are all thankfully as quiet as mice ~ but I guess there may be a fair amount of frequency resonance going on between the coils?
    Maybe your table is acting as a resonance amplification board?

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