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    I remember reading an article on here a couple years ago about a mod to add Touchstone charging capabilities (along with QI) to the Nexus 4. I was wondering if anyone here had successfully done so or knew of instructions on how to do so? It would be really cool to use my existing Touchstones to charge my Nexus 4 running LuneOS.
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    Nexus 4 gains Touchstone charging thanks to clever hacking | webOS Nation

    Oh, Alan Morford used some magnets in his project, so might have tips if you want to do that.
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    I've added Touchstone charging to two phones, Motorola Bionic and blackberry Q10. In the Bionic i removed the qi coil and circuit and replaced it with a Touchstone coil and circuit. This was generally problematic because the Qi charging circuit can output 1 amp compared to the 0.5 amp provided by the Palm Touchstone coil. Unless the Bionic had an existing charge of 75% or better it would draw more current from the Touchstone circuit than the circuit could handle causing the Touchstone circuit to "ping-pong" (shut off then turn back on - repeat.) If I had wanted to hack in to the usb connector and tie the qi back connector to that point The Bionic would probably charge more reliably from the Touchstone due to the 0.5 amp limit on most usb 2.0 computer ports. This would be require the Bionic to detect the 0.5 amp limit and drop to slow charge mode. On the Blackberry Q10 due to the lack of internal space I have the Touchstone Coil and circuit stuck to the back of the phone and wired into the usb port. It charges reliably and won't ping-pong until I try charging below 20%. One plus on the Q10 is that it is a very light phone so the magnet in the touchstone base does a very good job of securing the phone for car use.

    The attached file shows current and voltage out put from the Touchstone back driving a resistance decade box.
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