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    Anybody know where to find these TouchPad cases? Mine is wearing and I'd like to replace it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    I just received an identical design for my nexus7. I'll ask the person who gave it to me where they got it. They may have some back stock or something.

    OK sorry the one I'm referring to is a Targus Vuscape for Nexus 7 not Acase brand. Looks identical to your picture, much thinner than my Targus Truss cases, clips on kind of rigidly, leather.

    Maybe they made one for TP too?

    But I prefer the truss cases because they have the elastic strap. It allows me to shove my hand in between to hold it without wiggle.

    You could try Acase for iPad but could not guess if touch stone would still work. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    Are you in the UK? I have a couple of original HP Cases which I would sell but probably not economic to post to the USA.

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