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    Some time back my auto's bluetooth receiver ( started automatically answering all incoming calls from my Pre 3. I want to say it did this on my old Pre 2, but I'm not sure.

    Anyone experienced this before? Any idea what the culprit is?

    I don't even remember when it started anymore and regarded it as a "feature," but now I rather it would stop. End up obligated to speak to whomever rings while I'm driving!
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    Derp! One last desperate Google search turned this up:

    I think that I actually managed to solve the problem myself. I decided to make one last attempt at getting it to work before sending it back. Out of desperation, I held down on the phone button on the Kensington unit (not the remote) for about 5 seconds or so. The thing made a beep through the speakers. I tried calling my phone again, and it didn't auto answer. So apparently you can turn the auto answer function on and off by holding the phone button. It would sure be nice if they put that somewhere in the instruction manual (would've saved me a lot of time and a couple phone calls).
    It's possible I held down the phone button by accident instead of the BT button to initiate pairing at some point and didn't know about this "feature." I'll give it a go and see what happens next caller!

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