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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    LOL no you'll cook your brain!
    Too late ~ I reckon it's already fairly FRIED!

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    wow, scary
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    Quote Originally Posted by ananimus View Post
    Also, a fun story... we use some monstrously powerful magnets in my field. There are strange safety concerns about working around such high fields. In general these revolve around powering down strong electromagnets and not bringing magnetizable equipment near them, especially if they need to be left active. You can end up degaussing a hard drive or have tools flying around. Generally you don't notice what they do to the body, since we're mostly not made up of strongly magnetic bits.

    The interesting story was someone who stuck his head inside of a device housing that contained very high fields to look. Someone asked, "See anything on the ground?" So the tech turned his his head 90-degrees to look down and almost instantly passed out.

    Funny thing: water is a very weak dipole. So it was assumed that though he was able to turn his skull and look down, all the fluids in his head tried to stay oriented as they were. So for an instant, the circulation in his head got completely turned around, causing him to faint.

    Of course he was fine once he came too. But man, what a magnet!
    Dang! 😲

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    i have 2 touchstones
    1 at office
    1 at home
    scary cancer
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    I have my Pre3 on a Touchstone on my dashboard. When it's charging it really does induce a static hiss into my FM radio reception. Lift the phone off, and the hiss stops.
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