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    Hi all,

    Could this watch be utilized for webOS / Touchpad?
    Seems to be an interesting product but am unsure of the capabilites with webOS

    MSP-WDS430BT1000AD - Bluetooth Wearable Watch development system with Analog & Digital display

    The Meta Watch is intended for product developers, and is not considered a consumer product.

    Before ordering the Meta Watch, please review this forum thread for information regarding devices that connects with Meta Watch – as of today, the iPhone is not supported.

    In addition, for support questions, please visit the Meta Watch online community.

    MetaWatch is a wearable development system that enables rapid development of ‘connected-watch’ applications. With Meta Watch, developers can quickly and easily extend the interfaces of devices and applications to the wrist. The Meta Watch platforms utilize embedded Bluetooth® technology to connect to smartphones, mobile devices and other Bluetooth enabled devices. For support and complete information, visit MetaWatch Developers - Home.

    This digital+analog Meta Watch platform is based on the MSP430F5438A MSP430™ ultra-low-power microcontroller and CC2560 Bluetooth host controller solution from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI).

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    It could if the backend programming was done for it. That happened for the MBW-150
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